Saturday, April 14, 2012

Coachella Preview - Wu Lyf

"I wanna feel at home."

I checked into the live video streaming Coachella was doing for the first night of the festival and caught what might be a must see show when the inALLcaps street team catches the festival next weekend.

I caught the last three songs of Wu Lyf's set, and was instantly mesmerized by what I heard and saw.

First, let's fill you into the Wu clan (I couldn't help my self....) is and where they come from. You should pronounce WU LYF like "Woo Life" and the name is actually an acronym for a longer band name. Unless you think World Unite Lucifer Youth Foundation isn't very hard to fit on a CD cover. The band is from Manchester, England and has created some mystery about themselves by rarely releasing information about the band and often declining requests for interviews. The band describes the music on it's first full length album "Go Tell Fire To The Mountain" as "Heavy Pop" and it was unconventionally recorded inside of Saint Peter's church in Ancoats, Manchester. The band consists of four members:
  • Ellery Roberts — Vocals, Organ
  • Joe Manning — Drums, Piano
  • Evans Kati — Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica
  • Tom McClung — Vocals, Bass, Guitar

I happened to catch the live set as the band began playing 14 Crowns For Me & My Friends. Granted, the lead singer is a little hard to understand live, but that's no different than what you will hear on the record. His accent, combined with a voice that sounds like it's been sauteed in acid, makes it difficult to capture the words. Even still, the passion behind the words was not lost on me.

Click to play Wu Lyf - 14 Crowns For Me & My Friends

The expansive and atmospheric sound of the quartet remind me of Explosions In The Sky, and help to amplify the anthemic lyrics of Ellery Roberts.

I'm going to try and catch Wu Lyf at Coachella next weekend. There isn't really a try, but the sad thing is we might have to bail early on the Arctic Monkeys? It's so tough to figure out how we will traverse this schedule...

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