Thursday, April 5, 2012

Coachella Preview - pt 2 All The Bands We Loved Before

I'd like to take you back to a time when I actually typed the words, "I had never heard of The Black Keys before." It's hard for me to imagine a time that phrase could have been true. But it was true for far too long. The band had already sold a shit ton of records by the time I wrote that in January 2010. Today, I am seriously pooping myself that I can finally see them live. As headliners at Coachella no less. I never get sick of any of their songs. They feel too damn good. "Take a listen to this bluesy rock sound and heartbreaking guitar..." I said back then.
I don't have to be original. I can say the same damn thing today. This music kills me. And you've heard it a thousand times. Can't love it more. Can't NOT get caught up.

Click to play The Black Keys - Lonely Boy

Check out the post I wrote the first time around... What a set of interesting coincidences. Maybe you'll find a new book you want to read, too... Check out The Black Keys

And who didn't love this video!

Next in this grouping of bands we've loved before and will love again at Coachella... More soul coming your way with Florence And The Machine!

Other Lives was a band we were pretty fortunate to stumble upon in an amazing free show here in Las Vegas. Now I don't know who has more fortune... Other Lives to be on tour with Radiohead, or inALLcaps to see them at Coachella! OK, that was a cheesy thing to say. I give you that. But seriously.

I can still hear them introducing themselves on a stage that barely held them. "We are Other Lives from Stillwater Oklahoma." And now they are touring Germany, Amsterdam, Belgium, the UK. What an amazing ride. They deserve it. So talented. I want you to go right now and play their album. Melt away your stress. Immerse yourself in the symphony.

Oh, and go buy something from this band. You know you want to!

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