Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Coachella Preview - The Vaccines

Well, what DID you expect from The Vaccines?

I tell you what. I am thoroughly impressed with this band. Last week I told you about The Horrors, and this week I've got their sister band. I mean brother band. Literally. Their guitar player is the younger brother of Tom Cowan (bass)from The Horrors. And like The Horrors, The Vaccines was also formed in West London. But VERY recently formed, despite sounding like a fully developed band. I compared The Horrors to Depeche Mode and The Smiths, while The Vaccines can be likened to The Strokes and Ramones.

The Vaccines speak of love, loss, and relationships with the same experience and confidence that Billy Vera used to belt out "At This Moment" back in the 80's. Again, before these boys were born.

Click to play The Vaccines - A Lack Of Understanding

I am sure the band and everyone else would disagree with my comparisons... I just found they're serious about the music they're making and it sounds soulful while staying on the alternative, and even sometimes upbeat, side. They've had quite a year and Coachella is going to put them on the forefront of a lot of Americans' minds. Check them out on Saturday at the festival.

Click to play The Vaccines - Under Your Thumb

DO BUY THIS ALBUM.... First track and final track are masterpieces, and everything in between totally delightful.

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