Friday, February 17, 2012

Coachella Preview - Keep Shelly In Athens

So, I was recently telling a friend about how I am going to Coachella because this was simply a year not to be missed. Somehow, when she asked who was playing, I was tongue-tied. I forgot who was headlining, and of all the bands I am excited to see, I couldn't discern which she might even know about.

I'm over the moon to be able to see At The Drive-In. I'm ridiculously excited to see Black Keys. No matter how much attention they get, and how overplayed they might become, their music makes me happy. I stomp my feet and sing along. The AWOLNATION album is also a good one that doesn't get old. Gotye, even though I'm a brand new fan who knows like one song, is a great addition to the lineup. I'm excited to see Arctic Monkeys, Yuck, Other Lives, Dear Hunter, Radiohead, Bon Iver, Shins, Noel Gallagher, longtime favorites Manchester Orchestra, Kaiser Chiefs, We Were Promised Jetpacks, Girl Talk, Santigold...

With all those on my must-see list, I am hoping I can still make time in the schedule to sample some bands I've never heard of. I randomly picked about a dozen to review for this series. With that, I present to you Keep Shelly In Athens. It's a Greek duo, thank goodness, otherwise the name might be that much more mysterious. I have to admit I doooon't get the music. I don't get why a live performance of this music is appropriate in the middle of the desert when it is a buck-oh-six degrees outside is something to enjoy, but maybe I am wrong. Maybe that is the perfect music to reset your inner thermostat and get into a new groove.

To catch up on this band, I listened to 2010's In Love With Dusk and the 2011 EP Our Own Dream. By the way, both have only six tracks. The earlier set was very slow and earthy, while Dream at least produces a few moments that could be weaved into a set with a beat to move some part of your body to. Like track 5, "Fairytale."

Click to play Keep Shelly In Athens - Fairytale

But here is a song that interested me... The duo recorded a cover of "Just Like Honey" for the Just Like Honey podcast's fundraiser last month. I may have to save some boobies and buy that album, to hear the rest of the bands that covered this track.

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