Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Yeah. you might have thought that with Coachella doubling up on their event in 2012, by having the exact same show two weekends in a row, might mean that you had some time to figure out if you could make the show. If you thought that, you would be screwed. 

I knew better, and waited online to buy my tickets right at 10am when they went for sale. It's probably not good form to brag that we have tickets when you don't. I bet you have been to the festival before. This is our first time. Maybe our last. 3 day musical festivals are for kids. It's a grueling marathon. I just want to cross Coachella off my bucket list...and that's that. Granted...I've been waiting for the perfect lineup, and this year was it! Take a look:

Coachella 2012 Lineup
Classic! Gotta love the internet!

Here is the real lineup:

The Official Coachella 2012 Lineup Poster
The only thing I have left to think about is what to listen to on the drive to Indio, California and what to eat while I'm there!

Food wise, the site FoodIsTheNewRock.com has a great post about what to expect. I'll be doing my best to work through as many of these food vendors as I can, but will definitely be looking for all the Mexican spots! There can't be a better place to grab some grub then Las Casuelas or Lenos Rico Tacos! I'll definitely be hitting up some Thai BBQ and maybe Falafels from Bay favorite Tantes!

Walk Off The Earth
Road trip wise...I think I know the perfect band to rock on the way in. Walk Off The Earth.

The band might be the pure definition of Indie. No management, no publicist, and definitely no record label. DIY and word of mouth is how this band gets by.

I just bought the albums My Rock and Smoth Like Stone On A Beach based on the awesomeness of this crazy video cover of Gotye's "Somebody I Used To Know". Watch it and get your mind blown.

The studio albums are Rock-infused Reggae Ska jams. I can't think of better driving tunes while heading west. Sadly, Walk Off The Earth won't be playing Coachella this year...but I hope to catch them somewhere soon!

Enjoy another great cover, this time from Rage Against the Machine, off the Smooth Like Stone album.

Click to enjoy Walk Off the Earth - People Of The Sun (Rage Against The Machine cover)

You like? You can find a lot of free tracks on their Bandcamp page here.

We're Cali bound in April! See you there!

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