Sunday, December 4, 2011

Now life is carefree and equally as boring

in medias res Because if you were here, the two of us would be a venerable force. You and me? Together? We would always make sure they were taken care of. We would make sure we were taken care of too. I know you would make sure of it for me. I absolutely know I would make sure of it for you.

I can't do it alone. It's not fair to expect it of me. I don't get credit for what I achieved. It's fine. They probably never gave you your due either. Today I yearn for you to be here more than I ever thought I could. Please send help? I need it. I'm broken and weeping and I need you. I'm not both of us. They need both of us. I can't provide it.

And flowers might wilt when we walk past
And self-help might help when it makes us laugh
Only finding questions in answers
You and I are just walking disasters

Click to The Wombats - Walking Disasters

I picked up on The Wombats by hanging out on I played the song "IOUs" based on a turntable suggestion, and was totally struck by the line Just cause she came here alone/ Doesn't mean she's not got the baggage of a long haul flight for a multitude of reasons. The Liverpool dialect for starters. But the beautiful imagery weaved into such a dreadful tale that surely has no fairytale ending...

This Modern Glitch was released in April 2011, and "IOUs" is a track off an EP that seems to have been released more recently this year, curiously carrying the same title as the first track off the album. I apologize I don't have further research or accurate info for you. You should check out everything you can find. 2007's A Guide To Love, Loss, and Desperation is just as enjoyable, if for no other reason than just for the opportunity to chant the chorus here's another song about a gender I'll never understand. If this is a rom-com, kill the director.

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