Tuesday, November 22, 2011


There are many options for listening to music online, or on your mobile device. Everyone is working to be your music platform of choice. Hypem, Pandora, GrooveShark, and Spotify to name just a few. My favorite online streaming music platform is Rdio.

Rdio is a new social music service, founded by Janus Friis with Niklas Zennström, The name, Rdio, is a combination of the words radio and audio, and is  pronounced ar-dee-o.

The Rdio formula isn't all that differnet then the popular Spotify. Rdio takes the work out of deciding what to play next by following  friends and people with great taste in music, and being inspired by what they're playing. Both platforms allow you to listen to your friends' playlists.

With Rdio's mobile apps, music on your computer and mobile phone is finally connected without needing a cable. Collections and playlists are instantly updated and you can sync music and listen, even when you're offline.

The thing about Rdio I like most is that you can select an artist you like, and Rdio can suggest both artists similar to this artist as well as artists influenced by this artist. That's the kind of tool that really helps to discover new bands you might like (and new bands to write about!).

I was looking through the collection of albums that AbsolutePunk had listed on their profile, and came across the band Heatmiser. The name sounded familiar, so I started checking out the album Mic City Sons while I got some work done in the office. I loved the first 5 songs in a row, and stopped working to learn more about this band. Here is the information Rdio shared with me:

The Portland, OR, band Heatmiser was best known for launching the career of singer/songwriter Elliott Smith, but other members of the group went on to have successful music careers long after Heatmiser's demise.
Let's check out "Get Lucky" because, let's face it...I'm running bad lately.

Click to play Heatmiser - Get Lucky

That song, as you might have been able to pick up, was one off the album from Elliot Smith, but the other singer/songwriter on the album is Neil Gust. Gust's work on the album is just as good as Smith's. It's a nice combo of talent.

After playing this album a few times, I wandered over to the "Inspired" section of the Rdio profile for Heatmiser. Only one band listed here, which must be an oversight, so I click on The Gone Jackals to check them out. The bio on Rdio says this:

The Gone Jackals are a hard rock quartet from San Francisco, CA. The leader, Keith Karloff, who is the brother of New York City guitarist Johnny Gale, relocated to San Francisco from New York City, where he had been performing in the 1980s as a solo artist using the name Keith Gale.

I begin checking out the the 2005 album Out And About With...  and it's another winner.

Check out my favorite off the album, "Can't Slow Down" which is a perfect drunken sing-along anthem that reminds me of AC/DC. I'm just giving you the preview from Rdio, but I totally suggest you sign up and listen to the whole song!

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