Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Musicians On Call

I know I say a lot of things are genius, but this is TRULY GENIUS! I came across the program Musicians On Call and was so thrilled to see this program exists. Working in the health and wellness industry and with oncology patients, I know the importance of complementary medicine and the effect it can have on those who are suffering from illness, are bed ridden and/or home bound.

Hospice Care provides expert physical, emotional and spiritual support to patients and families dealing with life limiting conditions with their goal being to improve quality of life of those no longer responding to treatment. A 2009 survey that surveyed hospices, revealed that they offer at least one complementary therapy. The 3 most common were massage therapy (87%); music therapy (74%); and energy healing (65%). It has been demonstrated that music has a direct effect on people: it lowers blood pressure, helps with pain management, reduces stress and alters mood, assists Alzheimer’s patients in recalling the past, Parkinsonian patients find that the rhythm of music is crucial in helping them with temporal structure and organization. For more info on studies and testimonials go to

MOC offers three different programs. Bedside peformances (Volunteer musicians give bedside performances for patients going room to room), CD Pharmacy (At no fee, MOC provides hospitals with complete CD libraries and personal CD players for patient use. and Project Playback (Gives patients the chance to have their own music recorded and produced.

So please, donate, volunteer, spread the word, change a life.

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