Friday, September 2, 2011

Taste It To See Who Made You

OK, I can take your criticism if you're going to tell me that we JUST shared 50's style music when Mookie told you about the Buddy Holly Rave On compilation album. I can take it, because I am really digging this album by the band Mister Heavenly, which also relies heavily on a 50's doo-wop sound.

Or rather, make that doom-wop. There are drums involved, after all.

Click to Enjoy Mister Heavenly - Doom Wop

This might be the only picture you can find of the band, since Google searches for "Mister Heavenly" pretty much just turn up a beanie-clad Michael Cera providing support on bass. I love how this photo almost hints at an identity crisis just as the bandmembers themselves and the songs on the album convey a bit of confusion as well.

The three main members of the band are also members of other bands. The drummer, in fact, is also the drummer for The Shins and for Modest Mouse. Out of Love moves from jivey Holly-esque to borderline psychobilly and then right back to milk-and-honeymoon swoon songs.

I still love it, though. I think it's what music needs today. Whut.

Click to Enjoy Mister Heavenly - harm You

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