Friday, September 23, 2011

I Know You Think Too Much To Lose

I needed someone just like you
Someone to let me know
I could lose it all

We overbooked ourselves, and we need some time off. So we've chosen not to go to the Arctic Monkeys concert tonight. That means it's a perfect time to write about The Kooks. Oh, you hadn't heard? Yes, the lead singers of the respective bands are actually 13-year-old girls with snobbish rivalries toward each other. Both bands are part of the UK's British Invasion pop movement, although the Arctics would disagree that they're the same caliber of band. Over the years, other pop bands across the pond have accused The Kooks of being rip-offs and/or making songs for the radio.

Well, what are you going to do. This whole sound is full of stuff that "belongs" on the radio. It's catchy and singable. That's how it goes.

Click to Enjoy The Kooks - Is It Me

Why are we overbooked? Why do we need some time off? Yours truly, The Little One, has managed to whip up a production of a wedding in the last 7 short weeks. And next week, Mookie and The Little One are going to Fuck The World Off.

Click to Enjoy The Kooks - F__k The World Off

So, listen closely to the song. And enjoy.
And go see the Arctic Monkeys if you have the chance.

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