Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Melon Ballz

I've been getting harassed by a fan and friend of this blog for a new "mix" of music. The last one was an X-mas version, and wow, it's already deep into summer. I don't like to disappoint our peeps, so here it is.

You might want the tracklisting:

Penguin Prison - The Worse It Gets (Shook Remix)
Band Of Horses - The Funeral (Buckmaster Remix)
The Overtones - Gambling Man (Club Junkies Club Mix)
Empire Of The Sun - Walking on a dream (Go Go Bizkitts Summer Falcon Jam!)
Bulgarian & Spoek - Zombie Door (Santiago and Bushido Remix)
Major Lazer - Hold The Line (Tommie Sunshine Reggacid Mix)
Pixie Lott - Boys And Girls (Hot Pink Delorean Dub)
Krafty Kuts - Shake Them Hips (Punk Rolla Mix)(Dublic Rerub)
Inna - Amazing (Buzz Junkies Club Mix)

I think all of these songs can be found on hypem or easily on our good friends at google +mediafire.

I tried to pick tracks that screamed summer time pool parties. A happy, fun vibe always tends to be the soundtrack to my summer mix albums, and probably those of most DJs in general. I'll highlight a few of my favorite tracks from the set, since I'm obligated to create some content, and not just promote my mix and bounce out.

Penguin  Prison
(Why would we ever put penguins in prison?)
Penguin Prison - The Worse It Gets (Shook Remix)

Chris Glover aka Penguin Prison is from New York and has been tearing up the Disco House scene with some excellent releases and remixes. The track has a funky bass line and some sparkly synths that make it very danceable and catchy. Sparkly? I've finally run out of adjectives to describe music. Shoot me.

Empire Of The Sun - Walking on a dream (Go Go Bizkitts Summer Falcon Jam!)

Empire Of The Sun is an Australian Electronic music duo whose self-titled debut album was a top 10 hit in their country and mentioned on music blogs everywhere. Go GO Bizkitt aka Tom Nelson brings the Frech Disco House flavor to this track. Here again, the secret formula, is big bass line and shimmery synths. It's what I think the summer sounds for 2011 are: shimmery. Shimmery...I need one more "S" adjective for the big closing alliteration.

Pixie Lott - Boys And Girls (Hot Pink Delorean Dub)

Who is Pixie Lott? Immaterial. Why? This is a Dub remix, which means that the vocals have been left out. Dubs get used a lot by DJs. One use is to lay an a capella over a dub to create a new song. Sometimes a dub gets thrown in, just for a break in a mix that has too many vocals and voices. I love playing tracks with vocalists...but the end product tends to get "busy". Dub is a great way to break it up a bit. That's why I went with it here. Hot Pink Delorean never miss. Their releases are always spiffy (desperate...I know...).  If I see them on a track, I know it's going to be good. They have been on the electronic scene since 2007, and even four years later sound just as fresh and relevant.

If you want an MP3 of the set, you gotta work for it. Send an email to inallcapsATgmailDOTcom and tell me why you like the blog or the set. Put SEND ME THE MIX in the subject line. I'll shoot you a URL to download the link in a reply email. I think you will find the August 2011 mix to be all things Sparkly, shimmery, and spiffed to the max!


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