Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Feels like forever when your mind turns to fiction

There are endless ways to find new music. We've been raving on and on about our addiction to, but pay attention, because new sources of music can hit you anywhere. Check your local city guide for free events you might not have otherwise attended. Is there an amphitheater anywhere in your county? Who's playing? Just go see them. Especially if it's free. Library or other cultural center? You might be surprised what you will find.

Mookie and I went on a long-awaited Big Celebration Date Night recently and decided afterward to wait in a lounge while a band unknown to us set up. And set up they were! You wouldn't believe how many instruments were being set up on an impossibly small stage. A cello? An organ! Drums, guitars, lots of band members... What were we about to witness?

Click to Enjoy Other Lives - As I Lay My Head Down

Ladies and Gentlemen, it was Other Lives from Stillwater, Oklahoma. And those were also castanets you heard, and we saw. Add that to the list of instruments this quintet expertly styles to lend to their unique sound. Fourteen months to craft their current album, Tamer Animals, which happens to be their Sophomore release.

The sound is intense and specific. There is no feeling that this is a jam session. You're listening to the beautiful accompaniment to what could be a journal entry or a random bit of prose that the artist conjured after it came to him.

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