Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Big O

I’ve been on a big soul kick for quite a while and just can’t get enough Otis Redding. So much so, that I named my fern after him. If only my fern would serenade me. We got jipped when we lost this legend at age 26. Imagine what else he would have done if it wasn’t for that tragic day in 1967. There’s a lot of great music out there today, but it’s rare that we see this kind of passion anymore. Seriously, how can you not shake your ass, tap your foot, or whatever it is, music makes you do, when you listen to this!? And men, pay attention, you can learn something from the lyrics. Simply put, “Try a Little Tenderness”.

And some of the greatest love songs have been written by Otis. Songs that grab your heart and make you long and ache for your lover. Songs that make you want to hold that special person close and whirl together so tightly on the dance floor.


Beyond his great music, the Otis Redding legacy lives on through THE BIG “O” YOUTH EDUCATIONAL DREAM FOUNDATION who’s mission is “Progress Through Education / Enlightenment Through Music.” To honor Otis’ dream, The Big “O” Youth Educational Dream Foundation provides opportunities for youth to improve their academic performance by helping them make choices in life that enrich rather than endanger. By providing programs that ignite dreams in our future generation of leaders, they remain dedicated to connecting the universal relevance of music to serve as a catalyst for education, health, fitness and other youth oriented initiatives. You can find more info about the foundation at otisredding.com/foundation/


For those of you in Macon, GA September 9-10, you can catch the celebration of the legend’s 70th birthday. Unfortunately I won't be there, but I will definitely be celebrating!

The Legacy Continues

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