Monday, July 25, 2011

Owl City Concert Review

June 16, 2011
Location: OrlandoFlorida
By Andrew Basinski edited by Pam Basinski

Only two days after the release of the new album “All Things Bright and Beautiful”, the band Owl City came to perform in Orlando at the House of Blues in Downtown Disney.
The line wrapped its way around the building like an enormous Chinese Dragon.  All the fans were excited and anxious to enter the building.  It took about 45 minutes to finally get to the door where security cleared us and we made our way to have our tickets swiped. 
Opening band Unwed Sailor put on a great show.  With two bass players, one guitar and a drummer, their sound echoed throughout the building with the long bass lines and deep music.  They had a very unique sound and without lyrics it was easy to get lost in the music.
Mat Kearney

Next opener was Mat Kearney.  He performed and wowed the crowd with his latest hit song “Hey Mama”.  He opened it by saying he had written this song for his wife who was an anthropologist.  He even crowd surfed and serenaded the fans with his charisma.  I found myself dancing but was anxiously waiting for Owl City to come on stage.

Click to listen to Mat Kearney - Hey Mama

Adam Young
And he did!  Adam Young was accompanied by a drummer, violinist, cello player, and guitarist.  Adam himself is an accomplished musician and plays many instruments.  He showed us that by playing acoustic guitar, electric guitar and keyboard in several of his songs.  He spoke to the crowd and danced by flapping his arms to mimic an owl in flight.  I was amazed at how great his performance was.  When he played “Hello Seattle” the entire crowd sang along.  One girl was overcome and passed out and had to be carried out by Security.  
Overall a truly fantastic show for any die-hard Owl City fan!  When will you be back in Orlando please?


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