Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I am defined by my failures.

I need you to remind me to relax. I'm a work-aholic by nature. That's not quite right. I'm super fucking lazy, but there is a guilt inside me that keeps me working. Working quiets the voices that tell me I am a failure, that I never reached my potential.

I need someone to tell me to take a vacation. That it's time to kick back. Otherwise, I burn my vacation days working from home, or perhaps staying home sick because I burned that candle too long at both ends.

I probably just gave you some anxiety. It's gonna be ok. I am going to give us a bit of aural vacationing in this post. Get your sunblock...

There are certain tracks that remind me of being poolside with my lady. Head full of alcohol and some great tunes isn't a vacation, but it can help you get some sanity back. I have an album to throw on your device of choice to provide a Gretzky to your pool day. Los Angeles band, Foster the People, has a new LP out out entitled Torches that is full of perfect summer tunes. It makes sense, where everyday is like a beach day in LA. You may have heard the song I'm sharing, it trended on radio quite a bit. I don't listen to much radio these days, so you tell me.

Click to play Foster The People - Pumped Up Kicks

All the above was written a week ago. I was so busy that I couldn't even finish my post. Here I am a week later trying to finish it. This last week has been especially tiring. Besides all my workouts and running around town to get things done, I've been using my brain way too much. When your body and mind are both completely spent at the end of the day, it's important to just take one day to recharge. I decided to come to my local coffee shop to finish the post. The coffee is excellent here, the staff friendly and competent, and the vibe is good. I'm sitting here, feeling the lift of my Nutty Cow Latte and listening to song playing over the speakers. I look it up with Shazaam and find that it's the song "Little Hell" by the band City and Colour. Loving the vibe of this song. It's putting my mind at ease. Which is good, because while I'm at the coffee shop I'm getting phone calls that almost allow the anxiety of all the things I should/need to do. Breathe. Listen.

Click to play City and Colour - Little Hell

City and Colour is the side project of Dallas Green (Get it?) who is the singer and guitarist for a post-hardcore band that I like, Alexisonfire.

Take it from the band The Young Veins, it's time to "Take A Vacation!" Until then, I'll still be here hustling...

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