Monday, June 6, 2011

The Head and the Heart

I have to say... my head and my heart have been at war before, but when it comes to the band “The Head and the Heart”, there’s no struggle between what’s going on in my noggin’ and what I feel in my chest. They are in agreeance on this one and I may be in love.

The Seattle-based band’s self-titled debut album is flooded with passion and vocal harmonics that make my heart go pitter patter along with poetic lyrics that make my head spin. Formed in 2009, the sextet took to the Seattle Public Library’s piano practice room before self releasing “The Head and the Heart”. In 2011 the album was remastered and re-released on Sub Pop Records. According to Sup Pop’s website, “the songs resulting from those first inspired months pick at the multicolored threads of leaving home, finding home, and through that process of deconstruction, finding yourself. These are songs about crossing rivers and roads to get to the one you love, about family far away, and the desire to chase technicolor dreams down foreign horizons.” Following a 2 year journey on the road and living out of a suitcase myself, like an old friend who has been down the same path, the music speaks deeply to me and comforts me with an understanding. Their latest single takes me to a place where I can just be and get “Lost in My Mind” (pun intended),

Click To Enjoy The Head and the Heart - Lost In My Mind

while “Rivers and Roads” creates that aching and longing in your soul for loved ones who are not near.

They do have a more upbeat sound as well, but I’ve chosen to share the ones that make me weepy. Cut me some slack and grab me a kleenex... my niece just graduated from high school today.

Click To Enjoy The Head and the Heart - Down In The Valley

Currently on tour with Iron and Wine, I’d say they’re in excellent company. Tour dates can be found at

So get out from behind your computer and take in a show!

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