Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Respect is the word I used to end my last post. So I figured I'd offer my own thoughts on the word when it comes to America and its citizens.

-Respect is an overused and underappreciated word in our society.
-Respect is using the words "may I" and "please" when asking for something.
-Respect is valuing who someone is, regardless of disagreeing with who they are.
-Respect is working towards peace. War is not respect. If anything, it's the antithesis of the word considering our supposed "intelligence".
-Respect is being mindful of others when undertaking your own actions.
-Respect is nothing you should demand. It should be earned.
-Respect is the golden rule.
-Respect is living up to the rules you tell others they should obey.
-Respect is keeping an open mind.
-Respect is taking care of the world around you. Be it through recycling or by working with others instead of fighting.
-Respect is seven letters. Seven little letters that mean something much larger than the size of the font on the page you're reading.
-Respect is listening to others.
-Respect is working to be a better person. Not just for yourself, but for and towards others.
-Respect is something you will never fully understand. It is something you will learn in new ways, shapes, and forms every day. Be it through humility, perspective, or hardship.

So when you use the word "respect", think about why you're using it. Be conscious of your actions when using the word.

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