Tuesday, May 10, 2011

it adds up

 Watch the video here below...and then we can get started. Don't worry...I'll wait.

What if I’ve been trying to get to where I’ve always been?

That's the title track off the album Simple Math, an album I have anxiously waited for all year. The video was directed by Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert, and was released a few weeks back to promote the May 10th release of the full length album.

It's an amazing video that kind of reminds me of Twin Peaks, minus the backward speaking midget.  The gravity shifts, the story line, the suspense all make for a video that should win at least a handful of awards!

Manchester Orchestra
I feel like you should already know that Manchester Orchestra is required listening for all our readers. We've mentioned them a few times on the blog. I couldn't just gloss over this release, even though I am sure you pre-ordered it on vinyl. Maybe you scooped it up today on iTunes or Amazon?

If you haven't, I beg you, pick this up. It's another brilliant album by the boys from Atlanta, Georgia. This album, like the others before it, is honest and passionate. It's a feeling you get from hearing truth spill from lead singer Andy Hull's lips. His lyrics are stories, about dreams, fears, pain, and loss. Simple Math has one unifying theme: relationships. We hear the story about Hull's struggle to understand and maintain his relationship between himself and his wife and between himself and God.

The song "Virgin" comes on in the climax of 'Act 2' of the story. I'll let Andy explain it: “It’s a tri-fold story that parallels three ‘firsts’ for me, the loss of my virginity, the potential loss of relationship, and the realization that our band has and will change after our first album. To all of these issues, the same lyric applies: It’s never gonna be the same.”

Click to Listen to Manchester Orchestra - Virgin

My brother, upon hearing the song for the first time felt like filming a music video for the song, "Boondock Saints" style.  It would be a short film where we watch the protagonist slaughter rapists and murderers in the name of the Lord with the song "Virgin" as the soundtrack.

The song has that feeling of anxiety and frustration that boils up to an emotional release that makes me want to leave my mortal body and shoot my soul into the sky at high velocity. Imagine a signal flare burning fast through the sky at the very moment the dam breaks below.

Wanna hear how the story all ends? Pick up the album. Right now.

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