Friday, May 20, 2011

If It Comes Save Some For Me

After a brief "recession" of sorts in terms of new music that inspired me, I was so happy to find that Mookie grabbed me a copy of Small Sins' Pot Calls Kettle Black (even if it is eight months old already). Small Sins is a Canadian band that mixes electro sounds with catchy hooks, and then surprises you by genre-bending at least once on an album.

Click to Enjoy Small Sins - Pot Calls Kettle Black
Click to Enjoy The Guess Who - These Eyes (Remastered)

So I immediately love Track One because I hear my favorite song from the 60's/70's, "These Eyes" by The Guess Who. Yeah. The more I think about it, my parents really were audiophiles to some degree. Probably their healthiest hobby. So track 1, which is also the title track, opens up with that groovy underlying beat that I would recognize anywhere. And I wonder if they know they're using it. And I wonder if anyone else recognizes it. And I think of Chuck Klosterman.

As I'm writing this very essay, I'm listening to the song "Swim (To Reach the End) by Surfer Blood, and a key stretch of the chorus sounds like the 1985 single "Your Love" by the Outfield. The fact that I am making such a connection means I am not the intended audience for Surfer Blood, even thought I needed to be thirty-seven years old in order to recognize that such a connection exists. This is the underrated ecstasy- and the tragic paradox - of staying alive: I love getting older, because it allows me to remember things I once needed to learn. I feel like I understand music more today than I did yesterday, and yesterday I understood it more than I did two days ago. But yet, I wonder: Does this understanding only serve to signify that this part of my life is supposed to be over? Is "understanding" an emotional, unserious art missing the point entirely? Maybe. But I can't stop, even if I should. I'll always be interested in What The Kids Are Listening To, even as that interest becomes the sonic equivalent of looking at animals inside a zoo. I see a zebra, and I know what it is. But you know what I can't see? How zebras look to a zebra. And that, I realize, is what matters most.

Well here's what else Small Sins did that's what ONLY the coolest kids are doing these days... They enlisted k-os for some vocals on their second track, "Deja-Vu." The video is pretty cool, so I will share it with you.

Another catchy tune from the album is "Why Don't You Believe Me?" I love it, and I see a lovable fuck-up in these lyrics, but I still don't believe him.

Click to Enjoy Small Sins - Why Don't You Believe Me?

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