Wednesday, April 20, 2011

4/20 is another day.

I may be one of the few non-potsmokers out there. The ridiculousness of a "holiday" just annoys me, though. I couldn't care less about people that smoke. It doesn't bother me. This notion of a "holiday"? Bothers me. I understand why some do it. Legalizing marijuana. Bla bla bla. Fine. Hell, I sort of agree with you. Tax that shit. Help get us out of the financial rut our country is in. Guaranteed that if it was legalized and taxed? Potheads would bitch about that, too. It's our pastime.

So just to be a complete jackass, at first I was going to post the following song.

Why? Well, Adolf Hitler was born on 4/20. Somewhere, some little stupid prude would get all huffy and up in arms over how "offensive" it was, though. That and I didn't have the song. So instead, I wanted to post something happy I was listening to to get my mind off of a whole bunch of bullshit. It really has nothing to do with 4/20. Or pot. Or much of anything. I just like the song. So go listen to it. And afterwards? Bitch me out for being "insensitive".

Click to Play Cassius - La Mouche (DJ Falcon Mix)

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