Wednesday, March 23, 2011


So this is just a short post to share what I experienced in my time away. I visited Egypt, and the two highlights for me were the trips to the White Desert and Mt. Sinai. Watching the sun set in the desert and sleeping under the stars is no less than amazing. As for Mt. Sinai, that was a workout and a half. My Bedouin guide and I were the first to reach the top, actually! The four plus mile hike, with a close to half-mile change in altitude made it one hell of an experience. I could have cheated and ridden a camel, but what's the point? Seeing the sun come up from over 7,000 feet above sea level at a place so revered by so many was worth the chilly weather and strain on my muscles.

That said, what I saw overseas made me also understand how destructive we are. Not to the planet. The planet will survive long after we're gone. It's the destructive nature that will wipe out our ability to stay here which is bothersome. Think of the movie "Wall-E". The amount of trash everywhere was incredibly sad. Regardless of our level of thought and ability to change, there will always be a species here that undergoes this fight to survive. It's how I feel about our own fight which is what I worry about. It magnified to me our problems here in the US. We wantonly create pollution and ills that we - with all of our technical know-how - can work to eradicate. Using that rare trait of conscious thought to help each other by taking care of our surroundings.

I don't want to be a total downer, though. I purposely recorded some video and took plenty of pictures because I honestly felt the need to share with others what I saw. Almost make them feel like they were also there. Here are two videos I made with songs I felt fit the mood. The songs are then posted below.

Click to Play Mogwai - Auto Rock

Click to Play Animal Collective - Daily Routine

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