Friday, February 25, 2011

Spare Bricks Can Be Dead Weight

It's that time again. One of my favorite bands has released another album, and it's time for me to snot and slobber on and on about how great it is.
Enter antithetic sentence here - wait, no. I was being completely genuine. I am about to snot and slobber over how great Bayside's fifth major album, Killing Time, is. It's sick, sick, sick.

Click to Enjoy Bayside - Sick, Sick, Sick

Anthony Raneri's viciously self-aware lyrics have absolutely never failed to create the sharpest possible framework for each song, each album, each live performance. The combination of guitar sounds between Nick, Jack, and Anthony make sure that no matter how complicated the issue these lyrics skillfully dissect, the track will still melt your face. And then there is the skinny little fireball drummer, Chris, who picked up after the devastating death of the band's previous drummer and lead them right through multiple successful albums. Watching him live is inspiring.

You need a map to see how far I was sticking out my neck

Whether it is in a club setting, a dive bar, or a huge outdoor stage - the Bayside live show is amazing and not to be missed. Record store acoustic performances ain't terrible either. It may be a lot of emo/punk/uncategorized kids who are into this band, but this can't possibly be a bad thing. Let's hope some of Ant's expert wordsmithery makes it into their vocabs sometime soon.

But can a person make a difference if he never makes a sound?

You can't define this sub-genre. It is rock. This is rock music. These are working-class guys. They speak to everyone. You are guilty of committing the crimes these songs have called out. You have felt the pain and loss that they've so eloquently lamented. You've felt as doe-eyed in love. You've felt as murderously wronged. You don't have to be Emo to feel these things. It's rock and roll music (any old way you choose it.)

So buy Killing Time, and buy it for your friends too. I mean buy it. And buy a ticket to their show. I promise you, one will come nearby. These guys tour like a... rock band.

So stand for something cause something's overdue
And I don't ask for much, but this could define a lifetime.

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