Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Revolution

I am not sure if you guys are aware, but there's a pretty big series of events unfolding in Egypt. It certainly smacks of the word revolution. However, there are a lot that either haven't heard much at all or only a little about it. Sad, eh? That's the country we live in, folks. Where the halftime show for the Super Bowl - featuring what I called an embarrassment to Daft Punk fans everywhere - causes more of a controversy and sparks more debate than what an estimated 80 million people have to deal with on a daily basis. With a man we've supported, albeit in very private fashion, no less. Our tenuous support of Hosni Mubarak stems in large part from our dealings with Israel, so no doubt they're keeping a close eye on this, also.

Well, regardless of what happens, this has become the biggest story in the world - and affected my travel plans. So hey, I'm providing much of a revolution of my own when it comes to fighting shady travel companies. Honestly? I'm pretty worried about the events unfolding. It has more of an impact on the world as a whole than I think people realize. It's more of a trickle down effect, though. That entire region is unstable. From Sudan - which recently saw South Sudan vote to secede - to Tunisia, Jordan, and Yemen. What we're witnessing is unprecedented in history. It could have long lasting ramifications with world relations. A revolution is what it truly is.

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I could honestly go on and on about what is happening, but this story has so many layers and complexities to it, that I simply don't have the room to discuss it. So enjoy your week, folks. And do try to pay attention to what's happening in your world!

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