Saturday, January 15, 2011

son(s) shine

I'll keep today's post brief, because I don't actually have much information to give on The Son(s). News of their new single hit my inbox earlier this week and despite my attempts I can't find much about the band. What I do know is that they've been around for a while. They started with three members but are now down to one. They're from Scotland, like so many bands I love. And they have a new single coming out on January 17th, which would be this Monday. Word on the street is that it's the precursor to a full-length slated for somewhere around March. Word from kilter is that, based on this single, it's going to be good.

The songwriting reminds me in a very positive way of Doves, who I may need to double back and write up one of these days. Fellow Doves fans should know what I mean. The production is raw and immediate, and the vocal harmonies are amazingly layered. I can't say I was blown away by all of their earlier work but these two new songs have me really anticipating what's to come.

You can listen to the new single "Radar" and its b-side at their
bandcamp site. Act now and you can also grab a free copy of a 2-song album they released last October.

If you like the new tunes remember to grab them Monday, and keep an eye out in a couple months for more material. I'll do my best to remind you but I have the attention span of...Hey! Look, a kitty!

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Unknown said...

The first promo copies of the album (due out in March - Olive Grove Records) arrived at the smallfishrecordings studio today, where it was mixed and mastered. I can say without any doubt, the album is MASSIVE, even if I do say so myself!