Saturday, January 8, 2011

no wonder the armada lost...

One of my goals (let's not call it a resolution, ok) for the year to is try to stay a little more timely with what I'm reviewing. I often felt like I was behind the ball last year, reviewing albums weeks after they'd been released and after you'd probably read a million other reviews already. For 2011 I'll do my best to write up albums closer to their release date if possible. I've mentioned before that I don't have fancy connections that give me promos to listen to or anything, but I'll try to make it work.

In the spirit of this new approach, I got my hands on Valhalla Dancehall, the upcoming release from British Sea Power. It's good. Pretty damn good. Let's just jump right in with a track:

British Sea Power

Click to play British Sea Power - Georgie Ray

Am I the only one hearing some Bowie in there?

I have to admit I never gave these guys much of a chance before. I've heard random tracks here and there but never followed up to see if I actually liked the band. What I can say about this album is that it's driving and full of energy, yet loaded with hooks and introspection; a mix only the British seem to be able to actually pull off. The moods and genres shift a bit along the way but it all works. It's enough to spur me to go back and check out the rest of their catalog, which is one of the best compliments I can give. So to those of you saying, "kilter, I've been a fan forever and I think you're pretty much a big loser for not being one yourself all along," I hang my head in shame. You're right, I was wrong. I hope you're happy now.

Valhalla Dancehall drops this Tuesday, the 11th. I definitely recommend giving it a listen. I mean, of course, beyond what I've posted here for you.

Click to play British Sea Power - Baby

Click to play British Sea Power - We Are Sound


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