Wednesday, January 19, 2011

More.....there must be more

Not sure why, but the title used is from Derrick Carter's "Where U At?" I guess I could say it works in this sense in that here I'm just sort of showing the extent of influence late hip-hop producer Jay Dee has had. Now, I had done a post based around one of his tracks a few months back, but this post is more to show his reach in music.

Yep. Jay Dee had a hand in that. Crazy, eh? Or how about these two songs?

Yep, more production work by Jay Dee. Having worked with Q-Tip and the Pharcyde is just the beginning, really. You guys should check out the full list of stuff he's had a hand in. Oh, and the best part is that the video for "Drop" by the Pharcyde was a Spike Jonze product. Did you notice Ad Rock pop in there?

So the last surprise of work by Jay Dee was a Slum Village remix of "Aerodynamic" by Daft Punk. You heard right. As a way for Slum Village to avoid paying for the use of a sample, they were asked to create a remix for Daft Punk's Daft Club, and the resulting remix is here.

So boys and girls? Now you know. And knowing is half the battle. Yo Joe! Umm.....yeah.

Click to Play Q-Tip - Vivrant Thing
Click to Play The Pharcyde - Drop
Click to Play The Pharcyde - Runnin'
Click to Play Daft Punk - Aerodynamic (Slum Village Remix)

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