Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Here We Go (get it?)

When I meet someone new, I usually end up telling them I run and write for a music blog. More often than not a music fan will light up and try to find out which of their favorite bands I haven't heard of yet.  I'm pretty well versed, but sometimes whatever band they're gushing about ends up being new to me. I promise to look into them, and I always do. I figure that if I don't know, maybe you don't. If YOU don't, then I am obligated to share them with you. Good or bad--although I try to spare you the bad.

This last time I was at the bar, our bartender spots us as we walk in and asks me if I like Punk music. He knows I am a "music snob" so I wasn't caught off guard in the least. I say I love Punk music...and then a girl on the other side of the bar hollers over the din of the bar to ask who my favorite Punk band is. I answer quickly. My favorite band, period.  Never mind the genre.  "Bad Religion," I shout back.

After 15 minutes I get her to sit on my side of the bar so I don't have to yell to be heard. We get into more discussions about music. She shits on Sublime for 15 minutes and I try to defend. She's from So-cal and just hates on them because she feels like they bit everyone's style out there. I spar with her, but she won't budge. Her mind is set.

Then she asks me if I have ever heard of Jawbreaker.

I hadn't.

She does what they all do at this point. She gives me the pitch. Why they are great and why I need to listen to them. She tells me about how great the music is and how emotional the lyrics are. The band was formed in Oakland, CA (which might have been a plus according to her?) and dissolved in 1996.

She's piqued my interest. I asked if she thought they were an "Emo" band and she quickly dismissed that they were. Most punk purists scoff at the idea of Emo has a watered down version of Punk. I disagree, but I understand why most people feel this way. Emo sucks is the new "disco sucks" mentality of many Punk Rockers.

This barfly tells me I need to listen to the album 24 Hour Revenge Therapy first and then check out the rest of their discography after that.

That is exactly what I did. I wish  I could tell you that she was on the money. It's rather mediocre. I expected better from Oakland honestly. Check out "Jinx Removing"... Track 11 off of 24 Hour.

Click to Play Jawbreaker - Jinx Removing


It's totally an Emo band, by the way. A bad one at that. We should be thankful they broke up. We'll give them credit for being an influence to all the Emo bands that came after them. They should be thankful for even that much credit. If you are feeling this track, I suggest you pick up the album Dear You. It's their last album, before they broke up. Dear You is a lot more polished than the bands other albums, and in my opinion this band could use the acoustic clean up.

The Flatliners
Well...if you are reading this, "girl from the bar," I suggest you listen to the Punk band The Flatliners.  It's the band I think you were describing. The only thing wrong with them is that they are not from Oakland.
Toronto, Canada isn't that far from Oakland right? Also, the band is still together. Since 2002, and an album for as many years.

Click to Play The Flatliners - Here Comes Treble

Rockin'! That's a punk band to claim!

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