Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Recently, a friend of mine posted a video on my wall on facebook. With it, a note that said, "[R]eview some Irish music, for once!!!" Well, Chad, you're getting your fucking wish. Now keep your mouth shut.

So the Rubberbandits are a hip-hop duo that are really more comedic in their style, than anything else. From Limerick, Ireland, you're going to have a tough time understanding the accents, at first. You'll get over it. And then find awesomeness. Seriously. You will. Or maybe some coins in your couch. I don't know. It's your couch. Clean it. It's disgusting. And you have family coming over soon. Now if you all would kindly watch the video for "Horse Outside" and laugh and/or guffaw, it would make me tingle inside. The song already has about 1.5 million views in around a week, and they're aiming to be number one in Ireland on Christmas as a gag. So better yet? Go buy this song! Help the joke!

Click to Play Rubberbandits - Horse Outside

Now go buy something. Or your penis will fall off. If you're female? Well, I guess I've got nothing.

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