Friday, December 24, 2010

The breath that carried me

If you listen to any sort of American radio - be it internet or terrestrial, you may have recently caught this indie-sounding tune and you might be bracing to hear more from this band. Imma let you in on the secret the terrestrial deejays don't even know: Florence + The Machine has been around for awhile, so hurry up and get cozy with this album so you can be cooler than your friends.

Florence is Florence Welsh, a 24-year old from London whose upbringing appears to have been a stable, if not somewhat inspirational, one. You can't complain about having a normal childhood with intelligent parents. Her mother, a Professor at the University of London, once gave a lecture that inspired Florence to create music that "has some of the big themes – sex, death, love, violence – that will still be part of the human story in 200 years' time."
The Machine is comprised of whatever session musicians are needed at the time. The song, "Dog Days Are Over," which you may have heard on the radio or as the opening theme to Eat, Pray, Love was recorded in a tiny closet with no instruments. Indie band The xx even duetted with Miss Welch over the summer at some Glastonbury shows.

Wait... I haven't told you about The xx yet have I? Shame on me. A bit more mellow than Florence + the Machine but quite a lovely sound nonetheless.

2009's Lungs album was written during what turned out to be a temporary breakup between Flo and her beau. Apparently he doesn't like her to talk about it, but here she is singing about it. That's got to feel raw. Unless you can just play with it, I guess, but really. Music can be so emotive, taking you back to a dark place or maybe recharging the fire and passion that you felt, thought you lost, and have again. Powerful to think of when hearing "Between Two Lungs."

Click to Play Florence + The Machine - Between Two Lungs

Here's the one you could play with.

Enjoy. And buy. And Happy Merry Christmas.

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