Monday, November 8, 2010

She once belonged to us

For Sale: Baby shoes, never worn.
-Ernest Hemingway

In the 1920s, Ernest Hemingway’s friends and colleagues bet him that he couldn’t write a COMPLETE story in just six words. As you can read above, they had to pay up. Hemingway considers it his best work.

I'm sure that this isn't what the song "Baby Shoes" by the group Bad Books is about... but maybe you could be persuaded?

Click to play Bad Books - Baby Shoes

Bad Books is a band/project that joined friends singer/songwriter Kevin Devine with Andy Hull and his band Manchester Orchestra. I had first heard about the project while talking with Kevin Devine before his show at the House Of Blues in Las Vegas.

I'm still waiting for this album to ship on vinyl, but I have had the MP3's for a few weeks now. It's the best sort of mash-up. Two of my great bands getting together and make something new and fresh.

I found a statement about the "story" of the song "Baby Shoes" from Andy Hull. During a studio session with 104.5, a Philadelphia radio station, he said this:

"It's a fictitious story (...) if it was me, say I'm the character. I have a kid and the kid dies and then I give the kid to Satan and Satan brings it back to life. But it's an apocalyptic baby so it tries to kill me and so I try and kill it and that lands me in prison and her out on the loose."
Bad Books

That dude is so hilarious, isn't he?

Have you heard about this concert in Atlanta the day before Thanksgiving? It's called The Stuffing.

I beg you...whoever is in charge. I hate Thanksgiving. Family get-togethers give me the worst kind of fear and anxiety. Please...send me free tickets to cover The Stuffing... I'll have no choice but to go. It's work...can't get out of it. My family would have no choice but to understand. No grinding my teeth while anguishing over dry turkey and awkward conversations. Maybe... finally, I can have a Thanksgiving that is memorable in a good way.

Full line-up for The Stuffing:
Manchester Orchestra
Dead Confederate
Bad Books
Kevin Devine
Death On Two Wheels
Harrison Hudson
All Get Out

Check out the first official video from the band Bad Books:

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