Monday, November 29, 2010

not guilty (ok...I am)

"po po shut us down..."

This a part two to sunday's post. Go read it here. Kilter really wanted to write about guilty musical pleasures. I knew instantly what I would write about. I was worried though. I have street cred after all. I had to write a fucking music blog for over three years to get it...and now just to keep with a "theme" I'm going to throw it all away. Kilter is trying to unseat me from my throne with this thematic gauntlet. Well fuck him. I can be honest and still keep my cred. Right? Right!?!

I one likes to admit their guilty pleasures. I mean, if you have an unhealthy fetish for cake, you tend to keep that shit to yourself. Cake for breakfast for example? You might tell your lover. He could think it's cute? Maybe you might let it slip while drinking with friends at the bar. Maybe you do it to see how unhealthy this guilty pleasure of yours is. Normally you eat your cake in the privacy of your own kitchen. In front of the open 'frigerator. Just in case you need to hide the evidence.

This guilty pleasure applies to all of you too. Kilter loves himself some George Michael, for example. I'm about to outdo him though. I love myself some Ke$ha. The fact I just typed her name with a dollar sign makes me blush with shame.

I have a friend who used to bust a gut laughing when he saw a man singing in his car. He would always imagine them singing Whitney Houston or whatever girly pop song was popular at the time. I would say, maybe he's singing along to Metallica. He didn't care. He would always just imagine him singing some girly and poppy, and it would crack him up!

I agreed with him and we made fun of all those dudes in their cars. Little did he know that I was one of these guys. I sing in the car. Sometimes it can be some punk or "indie" rock. A lot of the time though, it's the sugary pop on the radio.

Imagine me singing this song: Click to play Boots & Boys

I'm not interested in boots, or boys for that matter... but the song is so damn catchy...I sing along. It's embarrassing. I still am not sure why I am sharing this.

Ke$ha has a new EP out recently titled Cannibal. It has song titled "C U Next Tuesday". You gotta love that! I've already rocked the new album a few times on my commute to work. I'd have to tell you to pick it up. Just be careful to not leave the CD case out in your car. You don't wanna get caught.

Click to play C U Next Tuesday


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kilter said...

I shall consider myself outdone. for now.