Monday, November 1, 2010

Everybody Knows What's Best For You

Tomorrow is November 2nd. For most people it's just day 306 of another poopy year. 59 more to go until a fresh start!

In the U S of A it's significant every year as it's our Election Day. This year, it's a tough election. Your mailbox has been filled with thousands of politicals ads and flyers that candidates collectively have spent millions of dollars on. Dollars that would have been better spent to help the constituents they are trying to persuade.

Popular words this election? Reform, Recovery, and Jobs.

New fad this year? Tea. Tea? Some new party drug I think. /shrug

Germs Of Perfection  a tribute to Bad Religion
I have been listening to a lot of Bad Religion lately. They are my favorite band. Of. All. Time. That being said, it is not unusual for me to listen to some BR. There was a catalyst for me to queue them up this time around.

Spin and Myspace just released an album of Bad Religion covers in a tribute album called Germs Of Perfection. It's start your download now and here.

If you need a push...check out William Elliott Whitmore's cover of "Don't Pray On Me" from the 1993 album Recipe For Hate.  It's definitely my favorite cover from the tribute album. Click the play button below!

Click to Play William Elliott Whitmore - Don't Pray On Me (Bad Religion Cover)

With 18 Bad Religion albums on repeat for a few days and an election on my mind, a particular song stuck out. Well, it was a lot more than one song, but there was one that I have always liked a lot and that fit particularly well for your Election Day.

Click to Play Bad Religion - You Are (The Government)

Hey sit down and listen and they'll tell you when you're wrong.
Eradicate but vindicate as "progress" creeps along.
Puritan work ethic maintains its subconscious edge
As Old Glory maintains your consciousness.
There's a loser in the house, and a puppet on the stool,
And a crowded way of life, and a black reflecting pool,
And as the people bend, the moral fabric dies,
The country can't pretend to ignore its people's cries.
You are the government.
You are jurisprudence.
You are the volition.
You are jurisdiction.
And I make a difference too.

Yep. That's all there is. A lot gets packed into that 1:22 punk rock rocket ride.

I've always understood that this song was probably a call to Anarchy. I like to think it's just a call to excercise your rights. This, after all is a country "Of the People, by the People." Sometimes I think that we Americans take this for granted. We ARE the government. If our Government failed us, then it was our own failure. We don't have to wait for the Government to change things. The power of change is in our hands. Maybe the way to change is something more revolutionary than just casting a ballot. That I can't tell you. I do know that this is ours, and together we can be great again. Together we all vote. On November 2nd, we are the Government.

You get your say tomorrow on how we walk into the future, and I make a difference too.

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