Monday, November 22, 2010

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Girl Talk (Greg Gillis)
When discussing the best mash-up artists, Girl Talk is widely considered the King of Kings.  Girl Talk, also known as Greg Gillis, is the best there is. The album Feed The Animals is a big favorite of ours here at It's over 54 minutes of mash-up madness and got played hundreds of times on road trips, pre-party warm ups, and of course was on the playlist of countless trips to the gym.

My friend Jeremy and I had planned on seeing Girl Talk as soon as he was back on tour and within a 5 hour drive from our hometown. We checked for new albums and news of a U.S. tour often; it seemed like Greg was in hiding. I had worried that maybe those copyright lawyers had finally got their claws into our man. All the many uncleared samples he used in his work finally catching up with him. Then again, if that WAS the case, it would be all over the internet.

Then finally, spreading like wildfire, word of a new album called All Day. It wasn't news of a release was just released as a total surprise! 

I found out later that Gillis had begun working on All Day after wrapping up production on Feed the Animals. His need to create more new music while on tour was the biggest catalyst for the material on this new album.

I fly quickly to the Illegal Arts website, Girl Talk's label site, to grab my copy. Previous albums were distributed using a "pay-what-you-want" model, but I notice this album is just simply FREE! (you can still get your copy for free by clicking here). For hours I attempted to download the album, only to be denied by the overwhelmed site. I did finally get a copy from...well...from that same friend I mentioned earlier. Jeremy was triumphant in his attempt at the download.

I got the tracks loaded up in iTunes and the first thing I noticed was that this album is long! Clocking in at over an hour and ten minutes, this ends up being the longest album Girl Talk has put out!

The album starts out strong! A mash-up of Black Sabbath, 2Pac, Jay-Z, and Ludacris all in the first 1:20 of the first track! Another highlight is the mash-up of J-Kwon, The Ramones, and Slick Rick! Amazing!

Let's break down a song of this new album. Track 10 is called Steady Shock. Peep it out below.

Click to play Girl Talk - Steady Shock
The track illustrates how amazing Greg Gillis is at his artform. Look below to see the breakdown of all the samples in this one track. Keep in mind the track itself is under 5 and a half minutes long.

Click to play Blue Oyster Cult - (Don't Fear) The Reaper
Click to play N.E.R.D - Everyone Nose

"I'm Not A DJ"
With over 370 samples that comprise the album All Day, there is plenty of samples you are sure to know well! There are some mysterious ones in the mix. They sound familiar but you are going crazy trying to figure out the original work the sample comes from. Never fear! The internet music geek community created a wiki page within hours of the new album release to identify all the samples used on the album. Check out the wiki article here. A less detailed, but considered more accurate version exists over here.

Now... many of our readers have asked me, is this album BETTER than Girl Talk's previous album Feed The Animals. It isn't better. In fact, Gillis' albums Unstoppable and Night Ripper are better albums. All Day just doesn't have the energy these previous albums have had. All Day is more like a "party-starter" than the full on party rager. The one thing that I like about All Day is that Gillis lets the samples breathe a bit more. Although this is what actually takes a bit of the excitement out of the album, it ends up making the album seem more mature to me.

Gillis talks about pacing himself in a recent interview with MTV:

 "I'm really interested in the rate of change but sticking with the same source material for a bit longer. It's a little bit more patient, mostly because I've spent just about every day working on it, editing it, going over each segment. It's been a full-time commitment." 
If you still think this album might be better than Feed The Animals, please refresh yo self with this video that mashes up all the source videos that make up the song "Play Your Part (Part 1)".

One last track for you!

In Steady Shock, there is the obvious sample of Bruce Springsteen's hit "Dancing In The Dark". Here is an amazing cover of "Dancing" by up-and-coming UK artist  Little Loud that I'd like to share with you. 
Click to play Little Loud - Dancing In The Dark (Bruce Springsteen Cover)

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