Sunday, October 31, 2010

it's not trash, it's garage

I hate that you can spend so much time listening to music and still miss so many great bands that are out there. The flip side of that is great, though: there's always a new opportunity to find something you love. A group or artist from any era or genre can catch your ear and you're a new fan. And that's nothing to be sad about.
I was recently introduced to The Ettes. They've been around since 2006 and, while I was completely oblivious, released three great albums. I'm going back through their catalog now and loving the garage-y vibe. Here's a sample:

Download The Ettes - I Get Mine

And another, complete with cutesy video:

They were even cool enough to have a song on the Whip It movie soundtrack. Or Drew Barrymore was cool enough to put them on there. Maybe she's out there looking for brilliantly talented folks - like blog contributors - with panache and intelligence so she can support them and take them out to dinner in a romantic interlude kinda way. Please, please, say it's so.

Anyway, if you're down with the garage rock thing you should check them out.
On a related (and more timely) note, the band's singer, Coco, works with a side project named The Parting Gifts. This group is pretty exciting because it also features members of Reigning Sound and The Raconteurs, and there's at least a little involvement from The Black Keys. It's a veritable who's who of the current garage rock scene, in a way. I don't have the fancy connections to give you a preview mp3 in this case so we'll have to lean on youtube again:

The Parting Gifts have an album coming out in a couple weeks so keep your eyes peeled.
What discussion about garage rock would be complete without posting some MC5? None, so here you go:

Download MC5 - Ramblin' Rose (Live)

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