Friday, September 17, 2010

I Got A Plan To Take That Woman Down

Do you know what has been the hardest question for me to answer lately?

"What's new with you?" Or... "What have you been up to lately?"

Because... I have no fucking idea.I truly draw a blank on this question.

Lately I feel like I'm fooling myself
Either that or I'm foolin' everyone else
Lately I feel like a piece of my soul
Is hangin' around for everyone to hold

I have far too many people's lives in the palm of my hand, and I don't know who decided to trust me with this. And maybe I was fooling myself by not noticing how frenetic this made everything. Or maybe I was OK with the busy-ness of it all. Or fooling myself by refusing to acknowledge that I was avoiding taking care of my own shit. Fooling everyone else into believing I know what I am talking about?

Meanwhile I think I might be spent. Pardon me, but could you pass me my soul back?

I just got the new (from June) Grace Potter and the Nocturnals album. I am telling you. I may have found my soul.

I am not shitting you.

Her voice crawls into my bloodstream and wakes up the gravelly, sultry woman inside. And you know me, I need the lyrics. Hers are strong, and intelligent, and cutthroat. The way I've had to be with people who've been getting in my way lately. It's like this music is my new ass-kicking posse. The bass line is the quiet enforcer standing in the back in case there's trouble. The rhythm guitar is the loudmouth trash talker. The drums are there to keep everything smooth and quick.

Listen as my posse gathers on Track 3, "Medicine."

Download Grace Potter and the Nocturnals - Medicine

This band is made up of Ms. Grace Potter, along with a second woman who plays bass, a three dudes, and a shitload of instruments. They released their first album as a band in 2005 and have toured with The Black Crowes and the Dave Matthews Band.  The band even covered Jefferson Airplane's "White Rabbit" for the Tim Burton version of Alice in Wonderland. So there you go Mookie, now you will never be able to get her last name right!

Technically, this eponymous album is the band's fourth studio recording. If you have managed to miss hearing one of their songs then you have got to get on board, my friend. This is an album you cannot miss. This is a live performance you should absolutely aim to experience.

I read a show review that detailed how hard this band tried to make the crowd leave on their knees.  For nearly two hours this powerhouse awed the crowd and Miss Potter displayed her prowess on vocals, a B3 organ, a vintage Flying V3 guitar, and a tambourine.

A few tracks on Grace Potter and the Nocturnals slow it down a bit, including "Fooling Myself", the song I quoted earlier on for you.  Listen here for a small taste of the range this band, and this album, demonstrates. It's like these two tracks are my new anthems.

 And then buy the album.  Buy it here from Amazon.

Download Grace Potter and the Nocturnals - Fooling Myself

You can download the mp3 version on Amazon, or you can buy the CD, the vinyl, the CD from another band, some books, a sledgehammer, gardening shears, a bedroom furniture set... Seriously.  Use our link and browse the Ammy for whatever tickles you lately.  In fact... 

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