Monday, September 20, 2010

are you sure something is rotten in the state of Denmark?

Download Veto - You Are A Knife

This is Veto. I am a huge fan.

Download Veto - Digits

That was Veto again. I would post entire albums if I could, but I'll leave it to you to track them down.
Veto was my first Danish band. It was very emotional: At first I felt ashamed and unsure of myself, there was some crying and guilt, but eventually I realized it was brilliant and I needed to do it again as often as possible. Anyway...
I play a little game sometimes to try to find new music. You may know it. I watch a YouTube video of a band or artist I like, then I start clicking on the "related" links to see where I end up. Sometimes it's way down the rabbit hole (think Swedish Black Metal) and sometimes I find music I love. Using Veto as a starting point, I found some Danish music that is pretty impressive, in my humble opinion.
Veto's lead singer, Troels Abrahamsen, has been creating and releasing his own music for a while now. He DJs and works in electronic beats, some of which find their way into Veto's sound. His first solo pseudonym was Supertroels.

All the tracks from the Supertroels album I Know That You Know are available on YouTube, though I'm having serious trouble finding the record for purchase in the US. If anyone can figure that out I'd be ultra happy to hear about it. I really like this stuff.
More recently Troels Abrahamsen is releasing music under his own name. His albums WHT and BLCK are both melancholic and lovely, and the guy's voice and lyrics really impress me. I particularly like how his beats often start chaotically, taking a little time to settle in and let you know where they're headed. I'm hesitant to say it, but I hear some Thom Yorke in there, which is a good thing.

Download Troels Abrahamsen - I Run Over

These were a bit tricky to find for purchase as well, but you can get them here.
Abrahamsen also releases tracks for download on his blog. Check that out here if it tickles your fancy. The blog itself is definitely worth reading, too. He seems like the kind of guy I'd like to have a drink with and chat about music.
Moving outside Veto's direct sphere of influence, I stumbled across Trolle//Siebenhaar. This is a bit of a Danish supergroup, combining the very sexy, sultry voice of Ane Trolle with the writing and production of Pato Siebenhaar. If you're a trip-hop fan you'll probably dig this.

Download Trolle//Siebenhaar - Sweet Dogs

Both members are worth looking into, as they have done some pretty interesting work along the way. For example, Pato's hip-hop-ish cover of an Operation Ivy classic:

I'll stop here before I write your ear off. What did we learn today? You can find good music if you get past all the crap on YouTube, the Danes make good music, and you should really be watching for the next Veto album. They're in the studio now...

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