Sunday, August 29, 2010

mashups to the Max

A good mashup can be a window into a new world. It can expose you to new music and new genres of music. For example, I'm no big Jay-Z fan, but hearing DJ Danger Mouse's The Grey Album made me feel like one. Lately I've been enamored with Max Tannone and his brilliant mixes. I want you to be enamored too.
note: an interview with Mr. Tannone was posted on a really excellent blog not too long ago. I'm just compelled to add some more specific reviews here. Because you really need to listen to these cuts.
My first experience with Tannone's work was his Jaydiohead project. This combines Jay-Z's The Black Album with Radiohead's music. It gives the lyrics a nice creepy feel and a ton of atmosphere. Sure, Danger Mouse kinda beat him to the punch (with the aforementioned Grey Album) but this takes it in a whole new direction.

Download Jaydiohead - Dirt Off Your Android

Doublecheck Your Head
After hearing this I needed to know if there was more. There is. So much more.
Doublecheck Your Head is a mashup of the Beastie Boys' lyrical stylings over the music of...wait for it...the Beastie Boys. As it turns out, their sweet instrumental album, The In Sounds From Way Out, is the perfect backdrop for their raps. It seems so simple, but I never would have thought of it. I'm glad someone did.

Download Beastie Boys - 3's What'cha Want

By the way, if you don't own The In Sounds... already, go get it now. It has some of the most delicious grooves since the chocolate record was invented. Wait, do they really make chocolate records? Holy crap, they do! I may have just found material for my next review.
Finally, and at the top of my current list, is Mos Dub. Mos Def's smooth raps work perfectly over Dub Reggae cuts; perfectly enough that I can overcome my mild dislike for reggae and enjoy the hell out of this album. Please don't write to reprimand me for that reggae comment. I already know it makes me a bad person. Just listen to this track and enjoy it instead.

Download Mos Dub - Johnny Too Beef

These albums are all available for free download online. Click the links below to get them. While you're at it, buy some of the original source material. It's good stuff.

Mos Dub
Doublecheck Your Head

While I'm talking mashups, let me include one of my favorites. It's a bit older but always worth another look:

Now get out there, buy some music, and party like it's your birthday.


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you would be happy to hear about this then:

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I cannot wait to get into that! thanks for the heads up Max!