Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Modest Mouse - Boston show review

Okay. Modest Mouse show review, here. If you only heard of these guys when "Float On" came out? Leave. Now. I mean it. To help you out, here is an appropriate website for people of your intelligence to go to.

Okay, now for the disturbing facts. Modest Mouse was decent. Pretty good. They didn't "kill it" as the Twitter feed by HOBBoston I read said. No. They were good in spots. Here's the thing. Isaac Brock? He's not built for this. The mainstream success. Hell, look at their new shirt. A zombie-esque cat. The antithesis of the mouse. Essentially, I saw that and went, "Sweet! They're mocking their idiot fans!" and bought it instantly. As did many of the fans being mocked. Last laugh? Modest Mouse. Well played, Isaac. Well played.

George knows how long I've been a fan of these guys. Hell, I'm even a "new" fan to some. I mean, I "only" got into them about ten years ago. Still, as ravenous as I am with music, it wasn't long before discovering their earlier works. Albums like This Is a Long Drive For Someone With Nothing To Think About and Lonesome Crowded West became favorites. I mean, who can hate a song titled "Talking Shit About a Pretty Sunset"? Hell, my first time seeing them was in September of 2001. I did a review of that show for the now defunct site I helped George with then. I got to meet Brock after the show. To say he is an odd man? Well, I'm considered pretty fucking nuts. My mind is not a place for the timid. This guy makes me look borderline sane. Which is probably why I liked the band.

Anyhow, back to this particular show. No recent album out. Which right away screamed, "The label is fucking them, so they are trying to make a buck." And that's fine. The House of Blues in Boston, despite the whole mantra of "Love One, Love All" doesn't really show love to the fans with tickets in the Mezzanine. Craptacular view. And hot. In a terrible way. I wanted to find a midget to punch. They are here for our entertainment, after all, right?

So they did "Float On" early, and I even overheard some of the dipshit bandwagon fans say, "Wow. I'm surprised they did that one so early!" Do you know why? BECAUSE THEY ARE SICK OF THAT FUCKING SONG! See, the thing is, that whole album, Good News For People Who Love Bad News is good. However, take a look at their album titles the further they've gone. It's like watching Jack Kerouac get darker and darker in his novels. He knew there wasn't a good ending, and I have a feeling Brock knows this, as well. He has essentially become part of something we know he probably hates. But with his twisted sense of humor, he's certainly going to milk it for what it's worth until then. In a weird way? I'm alright with that. Again, well played Isaac.

Anyhow, other tracks I can remember include "Paper Thin Walls" - which I love - and "Teeth Like God's Shoeshine", "Dramamine", and "Blame It On the Tetons". My favorite that got love from the band was "Here It Comes". God do I fucking love that song. Not one person around me was singing along. Not one. Let me repeat that. NOT ONE. A song with lyrics like "walking around with shit on my shoes...oh here it comes" is something you idiots can't remember? And see, the kicker here is that they repeat the line "here it comes" a myriad of times. It's called repetition. Stop lamenting why Johnny Marr isn't with the band, any more, and get with it, you small minded bandwagon douches. By the way, the fourth shirt you're wearing needs its collar popped.

Download Modest Mouse - Here It Comes

Well, after all of that business, I was just going to leave. The thing with the mezzanine was I couldn't go back to the floor level. Understood due to the fact that it was sold out. Here was one of the few bright spots of the night. The girl working that knew I couldn't see squat? Well, I was about to leave before the encore, and she actually grabbed me and told me if I wanted, I could stay below, now. Essentially, enough folks were leaving to deal with the crowding issue. I don't want to potentially get this young lady in any trouble, so I will omit her name. Gotta look out for those that looked out for me, after all.

Immediately after getting down there, another view of what a bunch of pricks this new generation of Modest Mouse fans are. An encore. We all know about this. Why? Because we go to enough concerts to know about them. Well, I had the pleasure of standing next to three couples. The girls? Basically foul mouthed trophies for the frat boy guys they were with. That's the first bad sign. When one of the girls yells, "Come on assholes!" to, I guess, coax the band out? I cringed. It wasn't until one of the guys screams, "Fucking come out or I'm leaving!" that I had it and bitched out these little shits. As I told them, it's a concert. This is what an encore is.

The finish of the show included one of my other favorites by the band - "Gravity Rides Everything". Now, I have a personal attachment to this song, so I was quite pleased to head out on a high note. The crowd and venue was just terrible. In both instances, there were redeeming qualities, for sure. The band did seem to feed off of the crowd, so at times they looked a bit bored. They were still good. Just nothing like the previous three times I had seen them. How much more of this can Brock take? Well, he seems to have a sense of humor about it, so I'd say we may still see a few more albums before they call it quits. Here's to hoping I can see them without these dopey fans, though. I can do without them.

Download Modest Mouse - Bankrupt

Download Modest Mouse - Gravity Rides Everything

Now, buy some shit. It's what you should do. Especially if you claim to love this band but only bought their last two albums.


arugala said...

I have never heard of this blog until today. But the first paragraph of this review is enough for me to know that I like you. A lot.

14 years ago someone gave me a bootlegged cassette of 3 or 4 songs(I have purchased every album since, Isaac. I promise.)and it changed me forever.

I've only been able to see them once a few years ago. Now, I am a peace-loving kind of gal, but I had very violent thoughts about those float on fuckers who were sitting- yes sitting- and giving me dirty looks for jumping and singing.

I'm hoping Isaac will come out with a full length album of old timey 30 second craziness
(aeiouandsometimesyaeiouandsometimesyaeiouandsometimesywhyzwhy) to scare them off forever.

The Little One said...

Thanks arugala! We like you too!

The Little One said...

Thanks arugala! We like you too!

Walt Zink said...

arugala99 - That's awesome! I'm glad you enjoyed the review! It was my fourth time seeing these guys, but those fans were just awful. The fact that they got the popular stuff out of the way early said all I needed to know. We hope you keep reading the blog! I try to just be me and share what I love and who I am in how I write :D - Walt