Monday, August 2, 2010


I want to introduce you to two guys with a lot of talent as musicians who have a lofty goal: To get the world to appreciate electro, dubstep, and nudisco.

Aptly named On The Rise, two sophomores at Bucknell University are quickly gaining attention and picking up fans at every show they rock. They're playing some of the hottest and unique dubstep/electro/indie mashups every weekend at parties all over the Northwest. They have even booked east coast gigs at venues such as The Middle East in Boston and Webster Hall in New York City (August 4th).

Get Low! Clap Those Hands! by dougbogan

On The Rise is Brian Pei and Doug Bogan. They met as freshmen out at Bucknell and discovered they both were musicians with similar tastes in music. Brian plays guitar and Doug is a classical pianist. After becoming friends they started to play acoustic shows together. One day Doug asked Brian if he would like to join him at DJ'ing gigs...and well...the rest is history!

They are a little crazy though. Right? I mean who would take the band Thee Armada and mash it up with Ludacris! It sounds awesome, I just want to know where do you get the idea!

Rock Shock and Low by dougbogan

On The Rise even put together a dubstep mashup exclusively for us! We are proud and honored to present to you, this amazing exclusive. Take the Grifta Dubstep Remix of Deadmau5's "Faxing Berlin", Outkast's "Bombs Over Baghdad" and, because that's not big enough already...add the song "Move Shake Drop" from DJ Laz. Submitted for your approval:

Download On The Rise - Faxing Baghdad (inALLcaps exclusive!)

Wait...I got more! Check out this 7 minute's fantastic.

Doug Bogan Vol II by dougbogan

If that's what 7 minutes of what On The Rise sounds like at a show, how COULD you miss it. You wouldn't.

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