Friday, June 11, 2010

Are we on our way?

You can totally hear how they were inspired by Scott Stapp. And that's a beautiful thing.

...Wait, WAIT! I kid, I kid. My steel trap brain search engine on the blog brings me to recall the 2008 interview we did with Detox Retox where the smarmy chaps were generous enough to share with us their musical inspirations. So how about if we show some love in return and tell you about their new EP which comes out on Tuesday?

The EP Movement is a collection of six songs recorded with the help of Ra Ra Riot's Andrew Maury. Every song is like a feel-good jumpstart. I have no better words for it. In case you haven't noticed, summer is basically here. I know. It's annoying to be reminded of it on every magazine cover and on every one of your goddamn friends' FaceBook status updates, but look. You have a lot of baloney you've got to deal with in life, so you need to decide there is a time each year that you are going to grab by the balls and declare as yours. It just has to be that way. So make it summer, and you won't have to make excuses for it. Just say, "It's summertime, dude," and you're off the hook.

That's the mood I get in listening to Movement. It's summertime, dude. And if I want to take off for this weekend without clearing it with anyone, oh, a-guess a-what? See ya bitches!

Check out "Caroline", probably my favorite out of the six. But they've all got something that makes me boogie in my seat while I type this. I may have even busted out a makeshift "sprinkler" move. Shh. Don't tell anyone.

Download Detox Retox - Caroline

..And it's just an EP! But seriously, it gives me hope in the freedom summer can give. I don't know what it is. The damn thing isn't even about summer.

This is my favorite of the few pics you can find anywhere of the group. Colonel K, on his blog, describes the sound: "Detox play punk-pop that sounds like a mix between Silent Alarm-era Bloc Party meets the Police before everyone’s egos went out of control. Toss in a few flourishes of power-pop and the occasional gang vocal breakdowns and you get the kind of musical tension that guarantees that no two songs sound alike." Hmm. I guess I need to see them live.

So, seriously boys. Where's the love? Pretty sure you've never toured west of the Erie Canal. How many Warped dates did you do? Boys, boys, long time no text.

For the rest of you, here you go. It's time to get in the mood.

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