Wednesday, May 12, 2010

We really are quite small when you think about it

This is not going to be your average post from me. Now, some of you may have read this blog for a while and know I bounce all over the place with the music I post. This is one that really I don't have a lot of words for, as it expresses a lot of beauty. This song I'm posting today was used in the now classic "Cosmos" series by Carl Sagan by Vangelis. I've gotten my nerd on lately and have been watching it and this song in particular just smacked of all the old synth legends of the 1970's, including Brian Eno, Giorgio Moroder, and Jean-Jacques Perrey. I've taken the liberty of including the full-length original of Vangelis' "Heaven and Hell (Part 1)" as well as just the part entitled "Movement 3" that is just one of four parts to this raucous legend. Beware! This isn't your typical song! However, this piece is just sheer brilliance, and I've also posted a little video I saw online that included this that used parts from the "Cosmos" series.

Seriously, a brilliant song that pretty much transcends time. Enjoy it.

Download Vangelis - Heaven and Hell (Part 1) (Movement 3)

Download Vangelis - Heaven and Hell (Part 1)

Yep. Go buy it.

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