Wednesday, April 21, 2010

So bad, it's awesome

This is going to be a brief one. I have to say I love the bootleg house remixes. A lot. I mean it. I heart the good bootlegs. Two of these are from the same EP. One of them? I have no clue about it and just heard it today. The last of the four? Is one I used to beat to death when I was still DJing.

The first two were done by Kaskade. Somehow, that man has blown up. And it's not pretty. He's helping to now make some pretty crappy electronic music. It's sad, really. A basic attempt to make money. And he's bought into it. Well, we can remember the good times. These are two off of the Lake Geneva EP. They are remixes of "Invisible Sun" by The Police and "Much Too Late" by Julian Lennon. They are what they are. Simple, fun bootlegs. So enjoy!

Download The Police - Invisible (Kaskade remix)

Download Julian Lennon - Much Too Late (Kaskade remix)

Next up is one I just heard. And it's really pretty bad in a cheesy way. If anyone is old enough to remember Christopher Cross, you may cringe now. This is a remix I found of "Ride Like The Wind" that is just so damn awful that it's good. I would play this in a set just to fuck with people. It would be funny if it filled a dancefloor. And come on. It's fucking Michael McDonald on background vocals. That alone should make you happy.

Download Christopher Cross - Ride Like The Wind (Layman remix)

The last one is a legitimately great bootleg. It's one I picked up almost ten years ago on wax. Hall and Oates' "Can't Go For That" and we're still trying to figure out who did it. A friend of mine says it was probably the artist known as Illicit, but that's not certain. This is a seriously awesome track. You all should download this one ASAP.

Download Hall and Oates - I Can't Go For That (2001 White Label remix)

So there you have it! House music goodness! Now go buy some stuff.


climie said...

Thank you for the Kaskade mixes. They are AWESOME! Can you please post the remaining two mixes on the EP? I Want You and Northern Town?
Much appreciation

Anonymous said...

I'm not too big on the original Hall & Oates song but I love the remix!

Walt Zink said...

I almost posted the Northern Town remix. The last one on that EP I never played, but I do have it on my hard drive.