Monday, March 22, 2010

kicking buckets

An idiom is generally a colloquial metaphor — a term requiring some foundational knowledge, information, or experience, to use only within a culture, where conversational parties must possess common cultural references. Therefore, idioms are not considered part of the language, but part of the culture. As culture typically is localized, idioms often are useless beyond their local context; nevertheless, some idioms can be more universal than others, can be easily translated, and the metaphoric meaning can be deduced.

I am dating a grammar nazi. Well I thought I was. That was until she used the word idiom incorrectly. Or maybe it was analogy. That's not even the point though. The point is she won't say what she means, but she will talk in circles and riddles until you cry mercy or FINALLY get what she means.

I usually just cry.

Download Our Lady Peace - Happiness and the Fish

I confess
Everyone is overweight
And I'm obsessed
Talking is just masturbating
Without the mess

I dislike talking for the sake of letting words past my teeth. I am the quiet guy. I get my point across with as few words as possible. For those of you that need a more colorful way to put it, I like to use an idiom AFTER I make my point. Speak softly and carry a big stick. That sums it up. Most people just talk a blue streak. Another useless idiom.

Anyways...I could go on all day...but I won't. Because talking is just masturbating without the mess.

I like to get my hands dirty.

Anyways. I do like her. and this is just ... a made up story.

Thanks for reading.

The song above is from Our Lady Peace's third studio album Happiness Is Not A Fish You Can Catch. After their previous work was called plagiarized by Pumpkins front-man Billy Corgan, and the fact that the band had toured all over the States and their native Canada, they decided that their next album would be something that might challenge people.

I first saw Our Lady Peace performing live in the parking lot of a record store touring off their first studio album Naveed. After this performance I was a fan. In fact if you ask me even today what my favorite album is by OLP, I will still say Naveed. Last night, while driving to and from gramma's house for dinner, I relaized that I have listenend to Happiness... way more than I even listened to Naveed or their second release Clumsy. Why? Well two reasons. One the CD still floats around my life. I mean to say it just shows up. I find it again and again. Under a stack of papers, or under the seat of my car...and then I put it back in the CD player. The second reason is it resonates with me. The topics of death, spirituality, and happiness are things I struggle with often. There is even a lesser third reason. The album is mixed perfectly. I can hear every instrument in it's own space. Every instrument's sound breathes deeply without struggling for air.

I hope you enjoy this song, and the album, they both mean a lot to me.


Unknown said...

Thanks for the your blog and the song!

mookie said...

thanks Rose!