Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Yep. More Radiohead.

So it seems this is a trend lately. Radiohead. More Radiohead. A smattering more of some Radiohead. Oh, and some Thom Yorke tossed in for good measure. Well, deal with it! They are pretty much awesome. Not lying. So for this week? Let's just say I've got some lovely stuff for you.

If you ask around, I am sure you will get a varied response as to what a person's favorite Radiohead song is. I mean, their body of work is ridiculously large, and save for their debut album of Pablo Honey, you will probably hear any number of songs off of any album mentioned as a favorite. For me, it is one song that stands out on an album that - like most of their albums - took a lot of time to grow on me. Kid A really struck me as very different initially. "Idioteque" was one of those songs that blew me away initially, though, and it still does. Last year, deluxe versions of many of their old albums were released, including this one, and there is a wonderful live version of this track on BBC One Sessions. Enjoy it.

Download Radiohead - Idioteque (BBC Radio One Evening Session)

Last week, you'll recall that I threw a new track by Holy Fuck up on our little corner of the internet. Well, unbeknownst to me, they have remixed the track "Nude" off of their wonderful In Rainbows album. Of all of the remixes I've heard, I have gravitated to this one the most. You guys be the judge of this one.

Download Radiohead - Nude (Holy Fuck remix)

And damnit, I love that Idioteque track so much, that I've even posted the video for you guys here. Creepy video, but it has a strong message. And hell, considering all that's out there? I don't even know if this is the actual music video. Whatever. I like it!

Buy stuff. It's the American way. Go into debt. That sorta stuff.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

I Sold Myself For Way Too Long

I'm probably older than you are, so when I say that for my entire adult life I have been expressing myself in online forums, this actually says something.

It also means that I am old enough to have heard of TSOL sometime in my life prior to last night at the Bad Religion show. It makes me wonder... when I was trying desperately to listen to punk music when I was a kid, why my cousin Chad never introduced me to True Sounds Of Liberty.

A lot of thoughts float around in my head on a constant basis. If I can't let them out, I go a little nuts. Facebook and Twitter help alleviate the buildup a bit, but honestly, I need a place to work it out. And piss people off. And shock, and bore, and inform, and protest, and debate. Maybe not debate as much anymore. I think I got a lot of that silliness worked out before turning thirty. Anyway, on the expression front - I don't think it worked out very well on my personal blog. So I'm corked up again.

Come into my nightmare now you've got both sides of me

Download TSOL - Come Into My Nightmare

While I was picking fights and spewing not-quite-fully-formed opinions online in the 90's, TSOL had already been around for 20 years and had experimented with their own forming of opinions and music styles. There were political albums, morbid and macabre themes, art punk, psychedelia, even keyboards and blues metal. Over the years they split off, splintered, and reunited the original members to join the Warped Tour in 1999. They were back at it. Then, in 2002, a shooting backstage during one of TSOL's shows left the band with a $14,000 attorney bill by 2005 after clearing their name while the House of Blues settled with the victims for a mil a piece!

It takes a lot of cash and a few years' setback to get your name cleared and get yourself back on your feet... For a lot of us, it would seem.

All I ever wanted to do was be someone like you

Download TSOL - Someone Like You

I'm thankful I heard of TSOL. I'm thankful they signed with Nitro Records, the label created by the lead singer of one of my own all-time favorite bands, Offspring. I'm thankful they released another album in 2009 and called it Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Free Downloads. I'm thankful that the kid we brought to his first-ever concert got to be involved in a 90-minute Bad Religion mosh pit and met members and lead singer of TSOL afterward.

I just still wish Chad had told me about this band earlier, and I wish I still had an online forum on which to do my brain bloodletting. Meanwhile, I want you to appreciate these aging psychobilly punks with me. They are exactly the guys I love to see on stage. Loved the show.

Most of the songs in their history are stronger and faster than the ones on this album. Why don't you download a few and take a self-guided tour through punk history. See if you can find the source of influence of some of your own favorite bands.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Holy Fuck!

No, the title of today's post isn't unabashed obscenity for the sake of. It's an actual band. I had a chance to see these guys about four years ago when Holy Fuck were opening for Wolf Parade. Basically, this was full on instrumental sorta stuff that used whatever the band could find. Old beat up Casio keyboards, for example.

Well, come to find out that on May 11th, they will be releasing another full length, titled Latin. Chances are pretty good that you will like the album if you dig this first single, simply titled "Latin America". It's not too far off from where we've seen this band, so I'd assume that fans of theirs won't be too disappointed by their stuff. Here's "Latin America".

Download Holy Fuck - Latin America

On a related note when it comes to obscenities in band names, another group that would probably pique the interest of some is Fuck Buttons. They released a gem of a single a few years ago titled "Sweet Love For Planet Earth", and the fucking song is epic. For real. I think I might've cried when I heard it first. Nah. Not really. I'm not that sensitive. So here's another dose of a band with 'Fuck' used well in the band's name.

Download Fuck Buttons - Sweet Love For Planet Earth

Go buy some stuff and be a good American.

Monday, March 22, 2010

kicking buckets

An idiom is generally a colloquial metaphor — a term requiring some foundational knowledge, information, or experience, to use only within a culture, where conversational parties must possess common cultural references. Therefore, idioms are not considered part of the language, but part of the culture. As culture typically is localized, idioms often are useless beyond their local context; nevertheless, some idioms can be more universal than others, can be easily translated, and the metaphoric meaning can be deduced.

I am dating a grammar nazi. Well I thought I was. That was until she used the word idiom incorrectly. Or maybe it was analogy. That's not even the point though. The point is she won't say what she means, but she will talk in circles and riddles until you cry mercy or FINALLY get what she means.

I usually just cry.

Download Our Lady Peace - Happiness and the Fish

I confess
Everyone is overweight
And I'm obsessed
Talking is just masturbating
Without the mess

I dislike talking for the sake of letting words past my teeth. I am the quiet guy. I get my point across with as few words as possible. For those of you that need a more colorful way to put it, I like to use an idiom AFTER I make my point. Speak softly and carry a big stick. That sums it up. Most people just talk a blue streak. Another useless idiom.

Anyways...I could go on all day...but I won't. Because talking is just masturbating without the mess.

I like to get my hands dirty.

Anyways. I do like her. and this is just ... a made up story.

Thanks for reading.

The song above is from Our Lady Peace's third studio album Happiness Is Not A Fish You Can Catch. After their previous work was called plagiarized by Pumpkins front-man Billy Corgan, and the fact that the band had toured all over the States and their native Canada, they decided that their next album would be something that might challenge people.

I first saw Our Lady Peace performing live in the parking lot of a record store touring off their first studio album Naveed. After this performance I was a fan. In fact if you ask me even today what my favorite album is by OLP, I will still say Naveed. Last night, while driving to and from gramma's house for dinner, I relaized that I have listenend to Happiness... way more than I even listened to Naveed or their second release Clumsy. Why? Well two reasons. One the CD still floats around my life. I mean to say it just shows up. I find it again and again. Under a stack of papers, or under the seat of my car...and then I put it back in the CD player. The second reason is it resonates with me. The topics of death, spirituality, and happiness are things I struggle with often. There is even a lesser third reason. The album is mixed perfectly. I can hear every instrument in it's own space. Every instrument's sound breathes deeply without struggling for air.

I hope you enjoy this song, and the album, they both mean a lot to me.

Friday, March 19, 2010

That Gum You Like Is Back In Style

Do you know who is in Austin right now? The answer is Not Me. The tickets are just outrageously expensive. And if I recall correctly, getting a media pass required a few gymnastic moves that I just can no longer muster. Where does the money go, anyway? According to the blog posts from a few favorite bands, they apparently don't get compensated very well either.
In fact, the compensation issue compelled Camper Van Beethoven to come up with the idea of fan-sponsored songs just to make the travel and performance at SXSW doable this year.
Yeah... Camper Van Beethoven. Do you remember them? Or does the line blur between where CVB ended and Cracker began? Or do you think back and wonder whether that was a Wallflowers or Camper song that you loved so much that one summer?
"Influential" is one of the most commonly used words when discussing this 80's/90's alternative/punk/ska/pop/rock band. That's why you hear them in just about everything you ever listened to growing up.

Download Camper Van Beethoven - I Hate This Part of Texas

I hate this part of the night when the music Mookie has put on creates some odd reality within my dreaming brain. Fear not lovelies: podcasts will return soon, and Mookie can't wait to discuss this very topic.

But back to today's post. Camper Van Beethoven released albums throughout the 80's, disbanded in the 90's, and began to tour again in 2002. New Roman Times was put out in 2004 and it's actually a concept album. I don't totally translate the character's point of view in every song - supposedly it tells the tale of a disenchanted chap following his stint in the military - but at this point, it doesn't matter anymore. Now this album is simply something you need to make sure you have heard as you enter our most futuristic decade ever: if you want your hovercraft, you better remember from whence you came.

Download Camper Van Beethoven - That Gum You Like Is Back in Style

Who could be calling waking me from my dreams
Of John Paul and Ringo, and Keenan Wynn
(No George)

Check your collection... Have you got them all?

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Shake and Wham.....and Stardust

So today's St. Patrick's Day. Whoop dee fucking doo. I will quote my mom on this one: "I don't need one day to remind me I'm fucking Irish." Seriously. She actually said that to me once about ten or so years ago. So I'm not posting any bullshit Dropkick Murphy's garbage. Or the Pogues. Or U2. Or any of the other myriad of Irish bands. I want to just post some music I like, and make all of you guys happy folks.

So instead, I'm going to post more dance stuff. Why? To torture you. It's a lot of fun. And besides, I need something to put me in a good mood. As an aside, I spent the better part of yesterday at a wake for a man that bartended at a joint I spent many Sunday nights at and even DJ'ed at a handful of times. And oddly enough, the man was Irish, to boot. So what did we all do afterwards? We collectively drank our faces off at the pub this man frequented. It was certainly what he would have wanted. If you all would like to read about him, this link here is a nice write-up on Mr. Kevin Armitage. The turnout for his wake was unbelievable and the positive spin was that I got to meet many new friends and hang with and do my best to support those that knew Mr. Armitage better than I did. A positive can indeed be found in the down times. You just have to look.

Anyhow, today I wanted to post a couple of tracks I've had on the backburner for a while. They're both dance tunes. And basically are bootlegs. The first is one I heard a year or two back during a Derrick Carter set that was simply titled "Shake and Wham" and was a mash-up of sorts of Green Velvet's "Shake and Pop" and Wham's "Everything She Wants". It took me a while to track this one down, but I found it up online and it looks like a cat by the name of Awoke, who seems to have a very intermittent number of releases. Considering he has a release on Classic Music, it's no wonder that Derrick was playing this. And be honest folks - this shit is hotness. So enjoy.

Download Green Velvet VS Wham - Shake and Wham

Next is a really dirty electro version of Stardust's "Music Sounds Better With You" that I have to be honest about - I dig this! There have been plenty of folks that have posted this, but let's be honest here. I know my shit when it comes to dance music. It ain't a fad for me. So trust me when I say that this is worth at least a listen. If you're up for some more Stardust, check out the post I made with other Stardust stuff. This one is made by a guy that goes by The Living Graham Bond - TLGB for short. Not bad shit here. Short, sweet, and to the point. Gotta love that. So go on. Love it.

Download Stardust - Music Sounds Better With You (TLGB Remix)

Again, considering the circumstances, I have to devote this week's column to the late Mr. Armitage and to his family and friends. There was one memory in particular I have where I played at the Phoenix Landing for Randy Deshaies, and his Marz Entertainment crew, and after this one set, Kevin approached me about a track early on that was a Police bootleg of "The World Is Running Down" and I regret to say I never got him a proper copy of that track. The brevity of things means I couldn't get an MP3 of it right now, but it will be coming for you guys. Now? Go buy some stuff. I don't want to have to send a midget in a leprechaun outfit after you.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Sometimes I dream of sharks...

It's starting to feel like Spring is finally here. The temps inch up the thermometer every day this week. This inspired me to do some spring cleaning on the inbox. This post will be three tracks sent to me by email from artist looking for some exposure. Exposure I think they all deserved.


Penny Hill is an alter ego of Norman, Oklahoma's Hilary Pitchlynn, but shhh... don't tell anyone. Hesitant to ever step on a stage, Penny wrote songs late at night in her bedroom long before ever letting anyone in. Her poetic lyrics, wandering melodies, and penetrating vocals create songs that are somehow larger than their component parts. A self-taught guitarist, Penny Hill is not interested or motivated by theory, she prefers to just let the instrument speak.

Life experience and emotional honesty is the cornerstone of Penny Hill's sincere songwriting. Either solo or with a backing band, Penny's songs have the power to speak to the hearts of her audience and draw them into her world of passion and mysticism. Beneath the surface of her sounds are hints of another world, full of beautiful and melancholy mysteries. To witness her perform is more like visiting an oracle than going out to a show.

An oracle? Well...Penny's music will make you think. Find out more about Penny here. This song is by Penny and is off the album Unbutton Your Heart and is layered beautifully with acoustic and electric guitar:

Download Penny Hill - Salem


I love getting all these great mash-ups and remixes just delivered into my inbox. I used to have to go buy records and scour the internet to find music. Now amazing producers just send me music!

Check out this mash up/remix of Yaz and Michael Jackson by the remix/DJ duo of Beat Mass!

YazSituation(BeatMa$$Remix)  by  BEAT MASS

I asked the group to send me the scoop on who they are, and why they decided to mash Situation with Thriller.

Well Beat Mass consists of myself (Mike Dwyer) and my roommate (Jake Brennan) we have always played music together whether it's jamming on drums and guitar, or piano and some congas. Last summer we decided to throw out some cash and grab some tables and learn how to DJ. It's been non-stop since then and we love it. We currently DJ around town and spend a lot of our time remixing and working in our studio on tracks like this one. It's been a big learning process but we are starting to reach that point where we feel good about the music we make. This song in particular just popped up in a store one day while we were shopping and we both looked at each other and started laughing and said "Dude we should remix this song!" We just want to make good feeling tunes and something that gets people excited and want to dance. Thank you for checking it out we are stoked! If you want any pictures and what not you can check out our myspace (who uses myspace anymore ha?) at

I'm following these guys on SoundCloud now. If you have an account on there, you might want to do the same. Unless you really DO still have an account on MySpace!


In my inbox was this gem by the a group called The Candle Thieves. This album is so great I might buy it twice. Here is a chunk I stole from their bio:

Welcome to the world of the Candle Thieves – a very wonderful, weird and whimsical place. Deep thinkers can lose themselves here in gentle, poppy pleasures, and enjoy soft-hearted sentiments with sinister undertows. The band that made this world together is the brainchild of two serious songwriters, who wear big, thick-framed glasses, walk out onto the stage to the sound of the Jaws theme tune, set off bubble machines, and play glockenspiels, toy pianos, shakers and snares. They summon up the spirits of Eels, Sufjan Stevens, and the Lucksmiths in their sounds, but make wonderful songs that are utterly their own.

But who are these strange characters? They are Scott McEwan and the mysterious man who hides behind the moniker, The Glock, – two sixth form friends from Peterborough, who studied music together at college. They lost touch with each other when they left the school gates, and started to pursue the rock and roll dream. Scott McEwan became the lead singer of a rock band, while The Glock played in a Keane-like pop group that had a top 40 hit. Both have toured the world and tasted the high life, but both craved the chance to make music that was more simple and intimate.

"We had both been listening to songs that were very different to the music we made", explains McEwan, as he remembers the time that the friends spent apart. "We both like melancholy things that were happy on the surface, but more serious underneath – songs that weren't trying to be clever, but somehow said everything." When they met up again after so many years, and realised they were doing the same thing, they decided to start up a side project to do anything they wanted. "We didn't want any rules any more. We wanted to go back to basics, really have fun, and try to follow our hearts."

Apparently going to a show where these two are playing live is quite the experience! They pass out chocolates and fire party poppers into the crowd while a bubble machine is working the stage and then they play songs about uncomfortable situations and observations to a poppy, yet delicate, sound of toy pianos and snare drums. After listening to this album, I can't wait to see them live!

Sadly I could not get an MP3 for you from their new album Sunshine And Other Misfortunes but check out this remix of one of their songs to get your whistle wet.

Download The Candle Thieves - We're All Gonna Die (Diamond Cut Slow Jam Mix)

If you liked this stuff I suggest you check out the links in the post and the links below.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Damaged Spoons

Today has been a strange one. After waking up to a fever, I fell back asleep and had just ridiculous dreams. I couldn't tell you exactly what they were about, but we all have the ones that make us feel uneasy for the day when you have them. So it's almost fitting that I chose the songs and/or artists I chose today for the post. Thom Yorke - for almost obvious reasons - and Spoon's song "Nobody Gets Me".

Well, Thom Yorke, for anyone that has been under a rock for the last 15 years, is Radiohead's frontman. He's a strangely unwilling iconic figure in music. He does what he likes, and that attitude helps create very refreshing sounds in a world of banal egomania in music. Mashups? Very rarely work. Remixes? A good percentage of them are crap. Original work? Always is.

So Yorke released the album The Eraser to some pretty big fanfare. It honestly probably helped create the mood of Radiohead's In Rainbows, also, as at points you can see how Yorke evolved from his solo project and its effect on the band. Simply take the electronic mood and replace with instruments. It was one that left Radiohead fans wondering what exactly was going on with Yorke, but there is an excellent interview with NPR's Terry Gross on Fresh Air if you folks feel like taking a listen. Well, he has a new song out, and as much as I hate to say this, it is one featured on the Twilight: New Moon soundtrack. I feel very dirty even saying that. This song, however, is rather brilliant. And the next song, by Spoon, could be just as much about Thom Yorke as it makes me feel about myself at times. This is "Hearing Damage" by Yorke. Enjoy!

Download Thom Yorke - Hearing Damage

Next is a track by Spoon that sort of jumped out at me. Partially because of the song title - "Nobody Gets Me But You" - but also because it made me initially think of Moodymann's "U Can Dance If U Want 2", but only because that track heavily sampled Prince's "All The Critics Love U In New York". Well, this Spoon track seems to sample one of the drum loops from this same Prince track, and we'll have you guys decide. I've also asked a DJ friend of mine that happens to be a massive Prince nut about this one, too. I have yet to hear back from him, but he might be in agreement with me on this one. It doesn't take away from how good this track is, however, so kick back and enjoy.

Download Spoon - Nobody Gets Me But You

And go buy some shit. Stop being selfish!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Which side of the ideas war are you on?

I have been on a remixing !KICK!! lately. Desperate to find a new project, I remembered that Trent Reznor had put up stems of a bunch of his tracks for users to remix and upload back to the site. It's if you are interested. I decided to start a remix using Capital G and the beats from a Birdman track called Money To Blow. I think it turned out ok:

Nine Inch Nails - Capital Geezy (Jaizer Got Money To Blow Remix)  by  geediablo

I was kinda stoked to upload it and share it with the NIN community. I log UPLOAD A REMIX, and get greeted with this message:

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Due to lawsuits way beyond our control, we have been forced to restrict the functionality of this site in a very crippling way. Before any remix can appear on this site, it must be manually cleared by a moderator to ensure it does not contain any copyrighted material. Only once your submitted mix has been approved will it show up on the site. Please see the FAQ for detailed information regarding which materials are unauthorized for use in your remixes.
We are not happy with this process, but we have been left with no choice. Our approval process relies on the much-appreciated efforts of volunteer moderators, so it may take some time before your mix is approved. Thanks for your patience and understanding. We're as frustrated with this as you are, and we hope it doesn't interfere too heavily with the enjoyment of this site.

It's a shame, especially since no one is trying to make any money off this particular site or project. It's just lame and disappointing.

After reading that, I remembered a powerful documentary I watched several months ago but never got around to writing about. RIP: A Remix Manifesto.

In RiP: A remix manifesto, Web activist and filmmaker Brett Gaylor explores issues of copyright in the information age, mashing up the media landscape of the 20th century and shattering the wall between users and producers.
The film’s central protagonist is Girl Talk, a mash-up musician topping the charts with his sample-based songs. But is Girl Talk a paragon of people power, or the Pied Piper of piracy? Creative Commons founder, Lawrence Lessig, Brazil’s Minister of Culture Gilberto Gil, and pop culture critic Cory Doctorow are also along for the ride.

I even wanted to get my cousin, a Copyright attorney, in on the post. I wanted her to watch it and for us to have a dialogue. Although supportive of me and this blog, what we do here must be at odds with her views on the issue right? At least from a professional point of view. Life gets in the way and I don't think she ever got around to watching this no discussion. (I still want her to watch it. I still want to have that discussion. That's your last friendly reminder, cous!) But you, fellow readers, will watch it...Right? You can pay whatever you want to download the movie.

I had to force TLO to watch it kicking and screaming. I'm not sure why she resisted watching it. Maybe she hates documentaries. Perhaps she would rather watch The Kardashians. Most likely she has some guilt about what we do here on this blog. Giving away the work of artists we respect and enjoy isn't something we do lightly. We really try to do the right thing. We take down music at the request of bands and labels. We have only been asked to do so twice (well three times now, counting Friday) in a year and a half by the way. Not a bad record for the hundreds of MP3's we have made available for your perusal.

Once I got her inebriated enough that she had no ability to run away, I threw the DVD into the 'ole XBOX. I think she liked it? Maybe she will comment and share her views.

I am passionate about music. Maybe moreso about remixes, since I have been involved in DJ culture for a large part of my life. That's not the point though, not totally. The main focus of the film is Girl Talk after all.

What you realize through the first half of the film is that ALL music is built on the work of the past.

All ART is built on the art of the past.

The entities that own this art will do whatever they can, namely suing the shit out of you, to protect it. These entities are in trouble though. Many big bands are producing and distributing their music without the help of these "entitities". Radiohead realized they no longer NEED a label. No longer on a label, they offered their latest effort In Rainbows to be delivered from the bands website and to allow the consumer/fan to pay whatever they thought the work was worth. This is like an atom bomb in the ideas war. It changed everything.

The label, in desperation, tried to legally pursue a fan who had decided to remix the album. The label no longer had rights to this new album, so the band stepped in to tell them to fuck off. Which they had to do, tail between. Then Radiohead upped the ante yet again. They offered the stems to Reckoner so that everyone could remix the song.

Download Radiohead - Reckoner (The Twelves Remix)

Radiohead gets it.

To lock up this art for the life of the artist plus 70 years stifles creativity or forces it underground. In the film, the director drives the point home in regards to the patents and copyrights involved in medicine. Could these laws be stifling the work on finding real cures for health issues in a timely manner because drug companies patent and protect all their work? Think about that for a minute.

Music might not "save" lives, but in the science world, this impacts us all in a very real way. The Rolling Stones' stealing all the great blues riffs from the past, but suing anyone else who steals riffs from them seems like a petty issue to some. But suing a drug company because they "borrowed" your scientific R&D to work on a drug to help cure cancer. That should hit home.

The filmmaker even puts the very documentary itself up for "remixing". You can take any part of the film and rework it, add or tweak the images in the movie as you see fit.

A participatory media experiment, from day one, Brett shares his raw footage at, for anyone to remix. This movie-as-mash-up method allows these remixes to become an integral part of the film.

Download Girl Talk - Non-Stop Party Now

Support the film, and support your remixers.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Does one want to get more used to the mall and misery?

You never know how low an angry heart can go.

I am loving this album tremendously. Danger Mouse and James Mercer. It's a match made in heaven. OK, let's be honest: who could Brian Burton (the Mouse's real name) team up with for anything but stellar results? The man is a genius. I don't mean to take away from the success Mercer has had with The Shins. I've loved their albums as well. And Mercer has recently formed his own label (now counting The Shins among their talent.) Broken Bells is what happened when the two finally decided to act on their ideas of collaboration.

Walk out before you make it worse on yourself

It is so hard to explain what it is that makes this one of the best albums I have heard in a long time. It doesn't make me cry, or dance, or yell, or stand up and fight. It's just, GOOD. It's just, MUSIC.

It's every genre. It's a sound that you know but can't point out. I'm loving it.

Will someone measure this moment now?
I'm back again in this one-light town
I cut the tie and I don't have to rely on nothin' and no one.

MP3 Preview not available by request of the label... However......

The album drops on Tuesday. You need to own it.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Mass Appeal

Well, in light of the recent news of Gang Starr's Guru (real name Keith Elam) suffering a major heart attack, I figured it was time to dust off an old house bootleg I've had kicking around for a few years now and really never got to play it out enough.

Well, thankfully? It appears as though Guru is doing well, as he issued a brief statement to his fans. So with that being said, this post will be more of an appreciation for the goodness that was Gang Starr. The first track here is that bootleg I spoke of. It was created by house music's Sona and released on the short lived Hook-Up Tunes. It looks as though this was the next to last release from the label, but they did have a few quality bootlegs. Here's Sona's remix of Gang Starr's "Mass Appeal".

Download Gang Starr - Mass Appeal (Sona's 'Assappeal' Bootleg)

Next is just another old track off of the same album that "Mass Appeal" appeared on - Hard To Earn. This one is "DWYCK", which featured Nice 'N' Smooth. How's that for dating yourself. You're pulling out a one-hit wonder like them? Wow. But this is still a great tune. So enjoy it.

Download Gang Starr ft. Nice 'N' Smooth - DWYCK

Now, if you don't go buy this? I will cut your balls off. Unless you're Lance Armstrong. Then I only need to cut one off.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Every kind of music is good, except the boring kind

I was going to develop this post more. I ran out of time. I'll make it up to you next time. The point is that Klosterman is a great author if you love music and pop culture. He even writes fiction! If you need something new to read, it's inALLcaps recommended.

Found in the book IV By Chuck Klosterman:
Interviewing Britney Spears is like deposing Bill Clinton: Regardless of the evidence, she does not waver.
"Why do you dress so provocatively?" I ask. She says she doesn't dress provocatively.
"But look what you're wearing right now," I say, while looking at three inches of her inner thigh, her entire abdomen, and enough cleavage to choke a musk ox.
"This is just a skirt and a top," she responds.

It is not that Britney Spears denies that she is a sexual icon, or that she disputes that American men are fascinated with the concept of the wet-hot virgin, or that she feels her success says nothing about what our society fantasizes about. She doesn't disagree with any of that stuff, because she swears she has never even thought about it. Not even once.

"That's just a weird question," she says. "I don't even want to think about that. That's strange, and I don't think about things like that. Why should I? I don't have to deal with those people. I'm concerned with the kids out there. I'm concerned with the next generation of people. I'm not worried about some guy who's a perv and wants to meet a freaking virgin."

And suddenly, something becomes painfully clear: Either Britney Spears is the least self-aware person I've ever met, or she's way, way savvier than any of us realize.

Or maybe both.

This is a fantastic cover of a horrible song:

Download Or, The Whale - Toxic (Britney Spears Cover)

Get more free songs from the band Or, The Whale over at daytrotter where they did a set.

Excerpt from the book Downtown Owl: A Novel by Chuck Klosterman
Music that Mitch did not recognize distortedly blared from a thirty-five dollar JVC ghetto blaster. The first song was futuristic, churchlike, and boring. the second song celebrated the inherent pleasure of jumping. The third song promoted the nation of Panama.

Has anyone seen the show Glee? Is it worth watching? Let me know. Anyways, the soundtrack to the show had a Van Halen cover.

Download The Glee Cast - Jump (Van Halen Cover)