Friday, February 12, 2010

You ask if I might like to write your name in the sky

It's been a long time since we've found a great new CD on a Target endcap. I mean, we all have to admit it's pretty rare. A few years ago, though, Mookie discovered Stars of Track and Field in just this way. Not on the interwebs, not at the indie record store, not on the radio (that's for sure), not by browsing iTunes. But it was on display on an endcap at Target.
And that first album we discovered, Centuries Before Love and War, was excellent. I still love it. They actually released two albums prior to that (well, an EP and a self-titled LP.) Hold onto your seats, because that draft you're feeling is Mookie racing to gather those prior albums for yours truly's enjoyment. I like him.

There are few things you can take from someone whom you’ve never met, without pissing them off. I think naming your band after another band’s song is one of those things. Stars of Track and Field is our name, but the original concept isn’t our idea, so there’s not much more to say about it. In case you hadn't recognized it already, the band name is derived from the Belle and Sebastian song. "You only did it so you could wear terry underwear..."

You can hear a B&S influence in the Stars' music, however, they take it further and let it rock. The crystal-clear vocals, the urgent building of the music... It's good stuff. They open strong with Track 1 - "Racing Lights":

Download The Stars of Track and Field - Racing Lights

If you're a stupid and horny woman who likes cake, you may have heard their song "End of All Time" on a November episode of "Grey's Anatomy." They do make that epic, dramatic sort of music that should be played on the soundtracks of great movies and shitty but highly-acclaimed prime time dramas. What, what'd I say? I would love to share that track here - I really can see it being played for just about any scene on the screen - but I just don't believe in playing Track 1 and Track 2 from the same album on the same post. Sorry. You will have to buy the album - but you will not regret it.

How about if I share the video from one of my favorite tracks off the previous album, "Centuries."

Stars of Track and Field - Centuries (Official Music Video) - Watch more top selected videos about: Stars_of_Track_and_Field

Put your coat on and don't ask why

The new album is called A Time for Lions and it's been out for several months. Released in September 2009, the Portland trio wrote and recorded the album in Manhattan. Lead singer Kevin Calabra has the most amazing but underrated voice, which he uses as quite the instrument as it meets the ebb and flow of the building and subsiding music, leading and following, commanding and complying.

One more track for you. The slow, but no less compelling "The Stranger":

Download The Stars of Track and Field - The Stranger

If I was airtight and my conscience was light
Would it matter?
Could I just lie down?

Stars of Track and Field has really given a lot to me personally. When I see the album cover from Centuries, strong emotions are conjured. I hope you listen and love, and I hope you can by extension help me give back just a little to them by buying their albums. I'm serious.

A time for lions
A time to be quiet
Are you writing all this down?

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Chissy said...

ah, so good. i couldn't agree more, this band is awesome. so excited to see them live in columbus :) :)