Saturday, February 27, 2010

I do it so good I don't need nobody else

I was about to write about another album I recently came across. With multiple windows open, including a workout blog from Zuzana over at, I just flipped over to iTunes and hit Play. I meant for the slower sounds from my intended album to come out of the speakers. Instead, I heard this:

Download Milkman - Put In Work

I had just finished a ball-busting workout from Czech guru Zuzana Light, and when I accidentally played this equally obnoxious song on accident, I was motivated to get up and do just a few minutes more of booty lifts. Put In Work!

For what seems like it can't possibly be a year already, I have been working out to the brilliant mashups provided by Girl Talk. I never tire of those energetic songs, but maybe Mookie was getting tired of hearing them? He spent an entire day looking for new mashups for me, and came up with Milkman. Milkman is another skinny white kid, but this one is from San Diego, born Gregg Luskin. Circle of Fifths is his second album, both of his efforts having been put out in the year 2008.

The first thing that attracts me to a mashup is a fast, pounding beat that refuses to allow you to remain on your ass. And not all of them qualify. I am very picky when I want DJ/electronica/post-produced music for dancing or working out (which is often one in the same) and I don't settle for something with just a nice beat. I need all the motivation I can get. The second thing is random drops, often provocative, that I probably haven't heard before (I don't listen to a lot of hip hop.) And the third, essential component for bringing it all together, is a subtle sample of a favorite song from my childhood or teen years.

Milkman does a pretty good job of this.

I do it so good I don't need nobody else

Nah. That's not true. I have steadily gained a good amount of weight in the last 12 months. Every fat molecule in my body called up all their old lost friends and decided their family reunion would occur just in time for Valentine's Day, but the party is OVER baby. I am working my ass every day and I need music like Milkman to keep me motivated.

And it keeps me just barely in touch with popular hip hop songs and hooks, without having to sit through an entire album. And suddenly I understand what the hell Mookie is talking about when he says he leans like a Cholo.

My milkshake does bring all the boys to the yard. I could teach you, but I'd have to charge. So get up and move it with me right now. Come on. You know you've got an extra inch here and there too.

Download Milkman - Controversy

Right where you are now, no matter what you're wearing, you can do it just for a few minutes... lift your knees, shake your butt, lunge a bit... Tupac, Kelis, Kilo, Eminem, Britney, Fatboy Slim, even the Fine Young Cannibals are all here to help you out. You want that body back just as much as I do.

Everybody just follow me. We need a little controversy.

Buy his stuff here.

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