Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Handsome Indeed!

So this will be another short but sweet post. Remember. Not everything in life is about quantity, but about quality. Some of my favorite writings in the year and a half helping George here have been the shorter posts. My personal favorite? When I wrote about the track "Bicycle Boy" by Rubicks.

Well, this one is along the same lines. Dan Boeckner, of Wolf Parade fame, started his own side project a few years ago with his wife Alexei Perry by the name of the Handsome Furs. At first, I must be honest that I wasn't into them. When you fall under the spell of Wolf Parade's other wunderkind singer, Spencer Krug, it's easy to lose sight that Boeckner is just as full of surprises.

One recent surprise? When perusing the CNN website, I came across this little article featuring the Handsome Furs entitled Indie Asia. I mean, can you believe it? This is great for the indie world, in a way. It helps give exposure to it - much to the chagrin of many a hipster - but also exposes the world to us! Definitely check out those videos.

Well, last night I had one of those moments where a song sticks with me and will eternally make me think of a certain situation every time I hear it, and that's the beauty of music. I've given you three tracks here, but the one song I speak of is the first one - "All We Want, Baby, Is Everything". The only other song to elicit these sorts of thoughts is Modest Mouse's "Gravity Rides Everything" - which is a wonderful song in its own right.

The other two tracks - "I'm Confused" and "Radio Kaliningrad" - are excellent, to boot. All three are off of last year's Face Control, which I highly recommend getting. As you were!

Download Handsome Furs - All We Want, Baby, Is Everything

Download Handsome Furs - I'm Confused

Download Handsome Furs - Radio Kaliningrad

Now, go buy this stuff! NOW!

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