Monday, March 1, 2010

Every kind of music is good, except the boring kind

I was going to develop this post more. I ran out of time. I'll make it up to you next time. The point is that Klosterman is a great author if you love music and pop culture. He even writes fiction! If you need something new to read, it's inALLcaps recommended.

Found in the book IV By Chuck Klosterman:
Interviewing Britney Spears is like deposing Bill Clinton: Regardless of the evidence, she does not waver.
"Why do you dress so provocatively?" I ask. She says she doesn't dress provocatively.
"But look what you're wearing right now," I say, while looking at three inches of her inner thigh, her entire abdomen, and enough cleavage to choke a musk ox.
"This is just a skirt and a top," she responds.

It is not that Britney Spears denies that she is a sexual icon, or that she disputes that American men are fascinated with the concept of the wet-hot virgin, or that she feels her success says nothing about what our society fantasizes about. She doesn't disagree with any of that stuff, because she swears she has never even thought about it. Not even once.

"That's just a weird question," she says. "I don't even want to think about that. That's strange, and I don't think about things like that. Why should I? I don't have to deal with those people. I'm concerned with the kids out there. I'm concerned with the next generation of people. I'm not worried about some guy who's a perv and wants to meet a freaking virgin."

And suddenly, something becomes painfully clear: Either Britney Spears is the least self-aware person I've ever met, or she's way, way savvier than any of us realize.

Or maybe both.

This is a fantastic cover of a horrible song:

Download Or, The Whale - Toxic (Britney Spears Cover)

Get more free songs from the band Or, The Whale over at daytrotter where they did a set.

Excerpt from the book Downtown Owl: A Novel by Chuck Klosterman
Music that Mitch did not recognize distortedly blared from a thirty-five dollar JVC ghetto blaster. The first song was futuristic, churchlike, and boring. the second song celebrated the inherent pleasure of jumping. The third song promoted the nation of Panama.

Has anyone seen the show Glee? Is it worth watching? Let me know. Anyways, the soundtrack to the show had a Van Halen cover.

Download The Glee Cast - Jump (Van Halen Cover)

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