Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Electro-break goodies!

So this week, the theme will switch from the indie-rock to the electro kitsch. Pretty funny word. Kitsch. Sounds like something you use one pinch of in a recipe. Well, it's not. It means funky. Weird. Whatever you wanna call it. This stuff is pretty cool. So, instead of reading my droll ramblings? How about I bring you this music?

First off is something I've recently stumbled on. If anyone isn't aware of who the Stanton Warriors are, then here's a good cue to what they may be like. Basically, it's breaks. Toss in a bit of electro feel? There you go. Well, this is their take on the classic Beach Boys song "Good Vibrations". It's not bad, but definitely something a bit different than what you may expect. Give this one a listen!

Download The Beach Boys - Good Vibrations (Stanton Warriors remix)

Next up is something from the boys of Soulwax. And of the robot helmet wearing duo of Daft Punk. Now, this is more a reworking than a legit remix. It still has a great feel to it, though. It's been sped up, some rehashing of the samples throughout. More dance friendly. Which, for the Soulwax guys? Is what they wanted. If you're a fan of either group, check out this stompin' work. Dance your little butts off, children!

Download Daft Punk - Robot Rock (Soulwax remix)

Now, get your ass in gear. Help the economy. Stimulus shit. That crap. You're not a real American unless you buy fifteen flags in various sizes and an album by the above. Big Brother is watching you! Don't be a dick!

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