Saturday, February 27, 2010

I do it so good I don't need nobody else

I was about to write about another album I recently came across. With multiple windows open, including a workout blog from Zuzana over at, I just flipped over to iTunes and hit Play. I meant for the slower sounds from my intended album to come out of the speakers. Instead, I heard this:

Download Milkman - Put In Work

I had just finished a ball-busting workout from Czech guru Zuzana Light, and when I accidentally played this equally obnoxious song on accident, I was motivated to get up and do just a few minutes more of booty lifts. Put In Work!

For what seems like it can't possibly be a year already, I have been working out to the brilliant mashups provided by Girl Talk. I never tire of those energetic songs, but maybe Mookie was getting tired of hearing them? He spent an entire day looking for new mashups for me, and came up with Milkman. Milkman is another skinny white kid, but this one is from San Diego, born Gregg Luskin. Circle of Fifths is his second album, both of his efforts having been put out in the year 2008.

The first thing that attracts me to a mashup is a fast, pounding beat that refuses to allow you to remain on your ass. And not all of them qualify. I am very picky when I want DJ/electronica/post-produced music for dancing or working out (which is often one in the same) and I don't settle for something with just a nice beat. I need all the motivation I can get. The second thing is random drops, often provocative, that I probably haven't heard before (I don't listen to a lot of hip hop.) And the third, essential component for bringing it all together, is a subtle sample of a favorite song from my childhood or teen years.

Milkman does a pretty good job of this.

I do it so good I don't need nobody else

Nah. That's not true. I have steadily gained a good amount of weight in the last 12 months. Every fat molecule in my body called up all their old lost friends and decided their family reunion would occur just in time for Valentine's Day, but the party is OVER baby. I am working my ass every day and I need music like Milkman to keep me motivated.

And it keeps me just barely in touch with popular hip hop songs and hooks, without having to sit through an entire album. And suddenly I understand what the hell Mookie is talking about when he says he leans like a Cholo.

My milkshake does bring all the boys to the yard. I could teach you, but I'd have to charge. So get up and move it with me right now. Come on. You know you've got an extra inch here and there too.

Download Milkman - Controversy

Right where you are now, no matter what you're wearing, you can do it just for a few minutes... lift your knees, shake your butt, lunge a bit... Tupac, Kelis, Kilo, Eminem, Britney, Fatboy Slim, even the Fine Young Cannibals are all here to help you out. You want that body back just as much as I do.

Everybody just follow me. We need a little controversy.

Buy his stuff here.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

If It Ain't Broken.....

So everyone and their grandmother seems to be posting the new Broken Social Scene track "World Sick" that was put up online. Well good for you. You got the jump on me. Still, I think this is a great track from their forthcoming album Forgiveness Rock Record.

Anyhow, for anyone not all that familiar with this band, they are an odd sort in that it revolves mostly around a core group of members. The rest? Well, that all depends on the mood of the band, I'd guess. They've played shows with as few as seven members to as many as fifteen. If I'm wrong on the numbers? Please feel free to correct that.

Anyhow, their songs are many times on the verge of jam band-ish, yet it keeps more of the indie feel. Which is good to me, because I just can't seem to stand jam bands. Dave Matthews Band? Hate them. Grateful Dead? Ditto. Phish? Makes me want to punch myself. A lot. Personal preference, after all. So it seems odd that this group is one I've liked for a few years now. They're entertaining live, to boot. Their sound isn't really that close to the aformentioned groups, however, so it has a pretty refreshing feel to it all. Well, since you guys have probably stopped reading? Here's that tune. Go get that!

Download Broken Social Scene - World Sick

As an aside for a track this week, I just recently remembered a tune I have meant to post for a while. The track is "Velvet" by the band The Big Pink. Their one of the many from overseas that have started making a little noise in the underground here. This track? Well, it's for you if you like a lot of the electro tracks that groups like Depeche Mode were making in the '80s. Now, I am not comparing them to DM. Just a reference point and want to make that clear and avoid the flaming that sometimes happens with this stuff. It's a great tune, though, so just kick back and enjoy it.

Download The Big Pink - Velvet

Yes. Buy some stuff. It's cold. It's rainy. It's dreary up here in Boston. So I have no desire to put energy into making a smartass remark this week. I know. You're disappointed. Now you know how my family feels.

Monday, February 22, 2010

My Condolences

I've just returned from the funeral of a close friend's father.

"Funerals are for the living not for those who have left us." I learned this after my mom died a few years back. Burying my mom is the hardest thing I have ever dealt with in my life.

My friend's father is not someone I knew closely. I learned a lot about him from his family speaking and singing about this man. He was their friend and their hero.

One of his sons, Casey, recalled a story I want to share with you. I hope that I get the details of the story right, but the message he wanted to share with those who came together to pay respects to his father is not something to find in the details.

His name was Travis. He was an active man, and would participate in these long 4 or 5 day bike rides. On one of these excursions, he brought his son Casey along. Casey was probably too young to join this particular ride. 12 years old was a few years shy of the recommended 14 that is normally the minimum age. His father decided that he should come regardless and they set off. On one particular night the weather had turned and the wind was biting and strong and of course the final stretch for the day was uphill.

Casey began to lose hope, barely able to keep up and thinking of giving up. His father slowed down to ride closer to him and offer some words of encouragement. He positioned himself next to his son slightly in front of him, to help block the cold winds. Pedaling along, Travis began to tell his son: we are almost there, you can do it, don't give up just yet. He suggested they sing a song to keep from thinking about the weather and the ride. It was a song that Travis particularly enjoyed. Listening to Casey sing these words behind his father's body laid in front of him was so moving, I choke up even now recalling it.

When You asked how I've been here without you
I'd like to say I've been fine and I do.
But we both know the truth is hard to come by
And if I told the truth, that's not quite true

Some days are diamonds some days are stones
Sometimes the hard times won't leave me alone
Sometimes a cold wind blows a chill in my bones
Some days are diamonds some days are stones.

Download John Denver - Some Days Are Diamonds (Some Days are Stone)

Some days are good, some are bad. This was the first funeral I have been to since my mother died. It was like picking off that scab and allowing the salt in. I must have seemed awfully emotional today at the funeral for a man I barely knew. My emotion came from knowing what it's like to lose a parent, and knowing how each of these family members must be feeling. How they will feel on Thanksgiving and Christmas. How the world seems a little bit more empty. Some days are easier than others. Grieving doesn't end at the funeral, even though the funeral is for the living, to have some sort of closure. Apparently I had a whole lot of grieving still left to do today.

I wished I could have been stronger. To provide some of my perspective of losing a parent. All I could do was choke back my own emotions of my own loss. It was obvious to me how I continue to be the walking wounded even 4 years later.

Luckily, my friend has a strong and loving family to do that for him. Luckily, we have John Denver and other great music to help us understand and convey our feelings and emotions.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Electro-break goodies!

So this week, the theme will switch from the indie-rock to the electro kitsch. Pretty funny word. Kitsch. Sounds like something you use one pinch of in a recipe. Well, it's not. It means funky. Weird. Whatever you wanna call it. This stuff is pretty cool. So, instead of reading my droll ramblings? How about I bring you this music?

First off is something I've recently stumbled on. If anyone isn't aware of who the Stanton Warriors are, then here's a good cue to what they may be like. Basically, it's breaks. Toss in a bit of electro feel? There you go. Well, this is their take on the classic Beach Boys song "Good Vibrations". It's not bad, but definitely something a bit different than what you may expect. Give this one a listen!

Download The Beach Boys - Good Vibrations (Stanton Warriors remix)

Next up is something from the boys of Soulwax. And of the robot helmet wearing duo of Daft Punk. Now, this is more a reworking than a legit remix. It still has a great feel to it, though. It's been sped up, some rehashing of the samples throughout. More dance friendly. Which, for the Soulwax guys? Is what they wanted. If you're a fan of either group, check out this stompin' work. Dance your little butts off, children!

Download Daft Punk - Robot Rock (Soulwax remix)

Now, get your ass in gear. Help the economy. Stimulus shit. That crap. You're not a real American unless you buy fifteen flags in various sizes and an album by the above. Big Brother is watching you! Don't be a dick!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Trust In The World

You find your happiness inside.

My brother posted on my FaceBook wall the other day. Seemed harmless, but its impact was wide and forever.

I have been wanting to remix and produce tracks for some time now. I'll buy gear and software, and then muddle around with them to only give up hope. Apparently some learning was taking place, but either the pace or my patience was too slow or too short to make a go of it before.

You can do it... let me know how i can help.

Those were the words preceding the hyperlink he posted on my "wall" Friday morning.

The link is to a contest on The details for the contest are as follows:

Weezer has provided you with the stems for "Love Is The Answer", a track off of their latest album, Raditude. Before the song was finished, the band reworked the song with their friends Ananda and Amrita Sen. Weezer liked the resulting version so much that they put it on Raditude. Now, Weezer is asking you to re-imagine the track in your own style to continue spreading the message of the song. They would love to hear as many different sounding versions as possible. Be it Ska, Reggae, Hip-Hop, Dance, Trance, Death Metal or Scream-O. Hopefully by the end of this contest there will be inspiring interpretations of the song in different languages from different countries with different styles but all relaying the meaning of the song…"Love Is The Answer".

Step up to the challenge and show them that your mix is the answer. Use the stems to create a remix or cover the song in your own style to show the band what you've got. Weezer will be hand-picking the top submissions to be released as an official compilation and the winners will be paid appropriate royalties based on their version being on the release. One winner will also be selected to create a brand new song by collaborating with Rivers Cuomo on Indaba.

Granted I have put together some great DJ mixes over the last 10 years, and have done some reedits and mashups for these mixes, but an actual remix has always been a failed endeavor for me.

His confidence hit a chord in me. I wanted to do this. I was not going to fail this time. Even though I hated this new Weezer album, maybe I could create a remix that I loved. I cared less about winning a contest, but needed to jump over this final hurdle.

I download the stems. Drop them into Ableton, and begin fiddling around. Disaster. Delete.

Attempt number two, I just grab the drums stem. Looking for a loop that will define this sound for me. Finally I find a sound, and the right amount of effect that makes me move my head. I think I am onto something. I bring in the other stems. The bass, background vocals, keyboard all get included and manipulated. Some more than others, I leave the keyboards almost untouched. It's going to be what ties my remix to the original.

The vocal is the part that makes me the most nervous. I want to loop the 4 main words of the chorus and leave it be, Love is the Answer and be done with it. A dub remix of sorts. It feels like a cop out though, so I add more of the song lyrics to the project.

It feels like the tough part is over, and now I just need to sequence these parts into a song. I need to create an intro and outro, I need breakdowns and buildups. I need a body for the hands and feet!

I need a break.

I step away from the project and play long stretches of Borderlands on the Xbox and take The Little One out to shop. We watch movies and eat dinner. Throughout all this I am formulating my plan. The road map to finishing this remix. It's going to happen! I am stoked!

When I get back in front of my trusty Macbook, I start to build these individual parts. First the intro and a solid 32 bar main section. Then I work on a small breakdown after that. It's at this point that I think I want to add a new kind of sound. Up until this point, every sound I was using was created from the stems that Weezer has provided us. When TLO and I were shopping, I found a beat up old drum that I quickly purchased. I love collecting instruments. I decided to use this drum in the song and it would make its appearance in the break down and later in the build up.

I save my work and grab the drum. I can't find my drum sticks, but I already spot a replacement object to bang the drum with. A wood back scratcher in hand, I start recording myself playing along to the intro of my remix. I just want to record some sounds to manipulate with some effects processing. I am not sure even what it might turn into. Recording done, and I am cutting up the drumming and dropping some effects on it. Suddenly it sounds like some message from outer space. A message of love? I think so!

I scramble to finish the rest of the song. I want to see the finish line. Then a disaster. I seem to have knocked something out of time. I feel failure looming. TLO is home from work to eat lunch with me and I try to ignore her comings and goings so I can get the problem fixed. She makes it difficult to do this by making food. I love eating, so I must leave my remix in disarray.

After eating and chatting, TLO returns to save the world and I shrug off the feeling of defeat. I push through, reworking the screwed up parts and life is good again.

I make some final adjustments to track volume and the triggering of effects parameters. It's done.

Love Is The Answer (Geebus Speaks to Me Remix)  by  geediablo

It's not going to win, of this I am sure. After I uploaded my remix to Indaba I perused some of the other entries. There was some amazing work up there. Winning was not my goal though. My goal was to prove that I could do this. The final hurdle in my rearview, I feel relief.

Now I can't wait to remix another song! Oh look! Indaba has a contest for Matisyahu! I can't wait!

Friday, February 12, 2010

You ask if I might like to write your name in the sky

It's been a long time since we've found a great new CD on a Target endcap. I mean, we all have to admit it's pretty rare. A few years ago, though, Mookie discovered Stars of Track and Field in just this way. Not on the interwebs, not at the indie record store, not on the radio (that's for sure), not by browsing iTunes. But it was on display on an endcap at Target.
And that first album we discovered, Centuries Before Love and War, was excellent. I still love it. They actually released two albums prior to that (well, an EP and a self-titled LP.) Hold onto your seats, because that draft you're feeling is Mookie racing to gather those prior albums for yours truly's enjoyment. I like him.

There are few things you can take from someone whom you’ve never met, without pissing them off. I think naming your band after another band’s song is one of those things. Stars of Track and Field is our name, but the original concept isn’t our idea, so there’s not much more to say about it. In case you hadn't recognized it already, the band name is derived from the Belle and Sebastian song. "You only did it so you could wear terry underwear..."

You can hear a B&S influence in the Stars' music, however, they take it further and let it rock. The crystal-clear vocals, the urgent building of the music... It's good stuff. They open strong with Track 1 - "Racing Lights":

Download The Stars of Track and Field - Racing Lights

If you're a stupid and horny woman who likes cake, you may have heard their song "End of All Time" on a November episode of "Grey's Anatomy." They do make that epic, dramatic sort of music that should be played on the soundtracks of great movies and shitty but highly-acclaimed prime time dramas. What, what'd I say? I would love to share that track here - I really can see it being played for just about any scene on the screen - but I just don't believe in playing Track 1 and Track 2 from the same album on the same post. Sorry. You will have to buy the album - but you will not regret it.

How about if I share the video from one of my favorite tracks off the previous album, "Centuries."

Stars of Track and Field - Centuries (Official Music Video) - Watch more top selected videos about: Stars_of_Track_and_Field

Put your coat on and don't ask why

The new album is called A Time for Lions and it's been out for several months. Released in September 2009, the Portland trio wrote and recorded the album in Manhattan. Lead singer Kevin Calabra has the most amazing but underrated voice, which he uses as quite the instrument as it meets the ebb and flow of the building and subsiding music, leading and following, commanding and complying.

One more track for you. The slow, but no less compelling "The Stranger":

Download The Stars of Track and Field - The Stranger

If I was airtight and my conscience was light
Would it matter?
Could I just lie down?

Stars of Track and Field has really given a lot to me personally. When I see the album cover from Centuries, strong emotions are conjured. I hope you listen and love, and I hope you can by extension help me give back just a little to them by buying their albums. I'm serious.

A time for lions
A time to be quiet
Are you writing all this down?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Handsome Indeed!

So this will be another short but sweet post. Remember. Not everything in life is about quantity, but about quality. Some of my favorite writings in the year and a half helping George here have been the shorter posts. My personal favorite? When I wrote about the track "Bicycle Boy" by Rubicks.

Well, this one is along the same lines. Dan Boeckner, of Wolf Parade fame, started his own side project a few years ago with his wife Alexei Perry by the name of the Handsome Furs. At first, I must be honest that I wasn't into them. When you fall under the spell of Wolf Parade's other wunderkind singer, Spencer Krug, it's easy to lose sight that Boeckner is just as full of surprises.

One recent surprise? When perusing the CNN website, I came across this little article featuring the Handsome Furs entitled Indie Asia. I mean, can you believe it? This is great for the indie world, in a way. It helps give exposure to it - much to the chagrin of many a hipster - but also exposes the world to us! Definitely check out those videos.

Well, last night I had one of those moments where a song sticks with me and will eternally make me think of a certain situation every time I hear it, and that's the beauty of music. I've given you three tracks here, but the one song I speak of is the first one - "All We Want, Baby, Is Everything". The only other song to elicit these sorts of thoughts is Modest Mouse's "Gravity Rides Everything" - which is a wonderful song in its own right.

The other two tracks - "I'm Confused" and "Radio Kaliningrad" - are excellent, to boot. All three are off of last year's Face Control, which I highly recommend getting. As you were!

Download Handsome Furs - All We Want, Baby, Is Everything

Download Handsome Furs - I'm Confused

Download Handsome Furs - Radio Kaliningrad

Now, go buy this stuff! NOW!

Monday, February 8, 2010

The best chance to get a Royal Flush in a casino is in the bathroom

I don't think I have told you this yet, but I play poker once a week. Used to be a lot more. I mostly stick to poker tournaments, as I think the added level of strategy gives me more of an advantage. I have played in two World Series of Poker events in two different years. Both times I didn't make the first break because my rockets didn't hold up. Did you know the odds you get dealt pocket aces only 220 to 1?

A lot of people don't understand the intricacies of tournament poker. It's not about winning the most money like it is in a cash game. The chips you use in tournament poker don't stand for anything except keeping score. In a poker tournament those that are patient get rewarded. Cash game poker versus tournament poker is the difference between dedication and inspiration. Cash game play values steadiness, repetition, consistently making the mathematically correct play, showing up day after day and playing better than your opponents. Tournaments value "seizing the day." The ability to inspirationally find a successful play in critical situations is far more valuable in a tournament. There are times you step on the gas and times you just quietly fold away waiting your turn to attack. In both types of games though, this one fact is true: There can be hours of boredom around moments of excitement. It takes discipline to not get bored and play any hand. I have a tool to keep me from getting bored and playing bad.

Some of you could care less about poker, and I understand that. You are here for some music enlightenment and I have given you the poker equivalent of a "slow roll". Here is the tie-in. I listen to an enormous amount of media during these tournaments. I will usually play in these tournaments for 5 or 6 hours. During this time I listen to podcasts and music. I often load up my iPhone with potential albums to review for the site.

Sometimes those albums suck and I end up going through my albums looking for something to get me through. It was today that I rediscovered an album I love that I haven't heard in such a long time. Caution by the band Hot Water Music.

This album is 36 minutes of perfect punk rock. Is it something in the water in Gainsville Florida where this band, and many of my other favorite punk bands (namely Less Than Jake) originate from? I dunno, but this album saved my butt today. Sometimes it's not about keeping from being bored. Sometimes it's drowning out the Chatty Cathy at the table. I swear that some people play poker just to force 9 other people to listen to him or her. That's what happened today, and I was blissfully drowning that person out with loud punk rock!

The song that stands out most on this album is track two... Trusty Chords.

Download Hot Water Music - Trusty Chords

I hate this place but I love these chords
"an empty fate just means an even score"
And the pain this morning......
it filled my head
It means that I'm not dead.

Jameson whiskey I presume? Tasty. But that's neither here nor there. That's an example of a great song. The entire album is fantastic. By the way, you might be wondering about the band's name? It's also the title of a Bukowski book. You have read Charles Bukowski right? That's a convo for another time and maybe another blog... (perhaps I am ready to create hmmm...)

Friday, February 5, 2010

You don't get high on your own supply

Mike Morales, aka DJ Kue, is quickly becoming one of dance music’s fastest rising deejays and producers. His music has been garnering support from Judge Jules, Kissy Sell Out, Bloody Beetroots, DJ Am, DJ Dan, Donald Glaude, Charles Feelgood and many others.

Not only are Kue’s skills as a producer in high demand, but his skills as a dj as well. Approaching his 15th year of djing, he has been known for innovating his own style, taking the listeners on a journey through music. It is not only Kue's track selection that one should look out for, but his constant manipulation of tracks through the use of of doubles, vigorous scratching and other turntablism techniques.

With a combination of great track selection and turntablist techniques, he does what he can to rock a party right!

Download DJ Kue - Don't Get High

15 years? I'm late to the party. I almost thought I discovered DJ Kue. The day I stumbled across his work on, I was in love. This man's remixes are top notch. They are the sound I want to hear and to play. Besides the electro house sounds that get me excited, he even remixes artists that I love! NWA, Ke$sha, Fall Out Boy, the fucking Shangri-Las?!?! It's unreal.

As an up-and-coming producer myself, whenever I heard Kue's tracks I pictured the most awesome studio. I was surprised to discover that he just uses Ableton. I just switched to Ableton as well. It's actually an amazing bit of software. It's just software. Don't you need a ton of awesome hardware? no. Not if Kue can produce these bangers with just that.

It makes me want to refocus. I'm in the purgatory of studiotopia. I've been displaced by this housing market of ours. So it's just me and my macbook, shoved into a little corner of a room. Struggling to find time and space. Having a hard time getting inspired.

Kue offered to answer some questions, so I thought... Padawan can ask the Jedi something? How about: "What inspires YOU?"

Music in general, inspires me. I grew up listening to lots of stuff as a kid and it really just evolved into getting into djing and then production. As a dj, there were always really great tracks I loved but never really had that dancefloor appeal. So, I started making lots of bootlegs. It was really reworking other tracks that I started to learn about production as a whole and make my own stuff.

Like Twisted Sister!

Download Baskerville vs. Twisted Sister - I Wanna Rock (DJ Kue re-edit)

Seriously. Me too! That's why I become a DJ, and why I inspire to remix and redit. To make music that I could share on the dance floor! It's why I started the blog. It's great to get to chat with DJ Kue and I am thankful for his work.

If you drop beats on huge dance floors or melt faces in the privacy of your bedroom, Kue's tracks need to be in your set list.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

By Your Side

So the last day or so, I was reminiscing over some of the old house music tracks I either have or used to dance to. On my own facebook page, I posted youtube links to four separate vids that showed the talents of one Kenny Dixon, Jr. - otherwise known as Moodymann.

Well, while perusing through some of his old records on the discogs site, I found a few gems. Then, I ran across some folks making a claim that he had remixed Sade's "By Your Side". Well, that claim has been proven false, however. To be honest? The remix just doesn't have the typical Moodymann sort of sound to it. Instead, it's from the boys at Naked Music, which makes much more sense, if you think about it.

Download Sade - By Your Side (Naked Music remix)

Anyhow, that will be one of the tracks listed here. The other is possibly the most well known of all of Sade house remixes. Ben Watt is part of the duo Everything But the Girl, and can you all believe the man is pushing fifty years of age? Wow. Makes me feel that much older, to be honest. Well, here you have his Lazy Dog remix of "By Your Side", which has easily withstood the test of time. I played this track once at a small gig for a friend a few years back, not realizing that this song was a personal fav of his and his wife's. So this one is, in a way, going out to Danielle and Fran. A great and unbelievably happy couple that just amazes me with how they do it.

Download Sade - By Your Side (Ben Watt's Lazy Dog Club Mix)

Since I mentioned Moodymann, I think it's only fair that I post one of my personal favorites of his. It's the typical Moodymann, as it's along the lines of "Shades of Jae" in that it works best as a tool over other tracks, but in the right place? It works on its own. Here's "I Can't Kick That Feeling When It Hits". Seriously a legendary tune. You'd be making a mistake by at least not taking a listen.

Download Moodymann - I Can't Kick This Feeling When It Hits

And I'm in a subdued state. So no smartass comments this week. Just make sure you support these guys.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Thunder only happens when you're busy holding onto the shit you haven't figured out yet

Now here you go again
You say you want your freedom
Well, who am I to keep you down?
It's only right that you should
Play the way you feel it

But listen carefully to the sound
Of your loneliness
Like a heartbeat drives you mad
In the stillness of remembering
What you had
And what you lost...
And what you had...
And what you lost

Download The Morning Benders - Dreams (Fleetwood Mac Cover)

Everyone you know bid a happy farewell to 2009. Don't let the door hit ya, everyone said. Ready to embrace 2010. Well? How's it going?

I think we're all still cautiously optimistic but holding onto the pain '09 brought us. We're ready for it to pounce at any moment we've let our guard down.

You know what they call that, right? It's called projecting. So stop it. Or you'll be begging 2010 to forgive you, and starting this all over again.

Lately I have desperately pondered,
spent my nights awake and I wonder
what I could have done in another way
to make you stay

Download The Morning Benders - Lovefool (The Cardigans cover)

I want you to meet The Morning Benders. They are a cutie patootie fourpiece indie band from northern California. I first heard of them when I caught them on a small stage at San Francisco's OutsideLands music festival. Their music, and onstage presence, is a bit reminiscent of the Beatles. There's nothing to not like about them at all. And the music you're hearing today is a bit off from what you'd find on their multiple EPs and albums. Talking Through Tin Cans might be the most popular album - from 2008. A few have followed, such as this album: The Bedroom Covers, also from 2008. I'm excited to hear what the next album will bring. Just as I try to remove caution from my optimism of this coming year altogether.

You're the song that the trees sing when the wind blows
You're a flower you're a river you're a rainbow
Sometimes I'm crazy
But I guess you know
And I'm weak and I'm lazy
And I've hurt you so
And I don't listen to a word you say
When you're in trouble I just turn away

Download The Morning Benders - Marie (Randy Newman cover)

The new album comes out on March 9...